Public transport technologies

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The demand for continuously better safety, service and efficiency increases the requirements for collection, analysis and presentation of data for the operation and use of public transport.

COWI provides consultancy to transport companies and local authorities on development, tendering, implementation and operation of solutions within public transport based on new technology.

Real-time information
For Danish transport authorities, COWI has carried out a number of projects. These include the design and management of online positioning of buses via GPS for traffic management and optimisation, information on estimated arrival time at stop points, traffic centres and the Internet, automatic platform allocation for buses at compact terminals and transit signal priority.

Electronic ticketing and ticket vending machines
COWI provides consultancy on the design and implementation of systems for electronic ticketing and ticket vending machines.

Automatic passenger counting
COWI has carried out projects for several Danish public transport authorities concerning design and implementation of automatic passenger counting systems.

The projects include the entire process - from delivery of a system which the customers themselves operate, to systems where customers purchase counting data.

Consultancy in all phases
COWI provides consultancy in all phases of a project, including strategic, legal and technical assistance, requirement specifications, EU tendering, contracting and contract management, process and project management, system testing and integration, handover and operation and maintenance.

LAST UPDATED: 02.08.2017