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Revenue distribution and analyses of operations and market

Photo: Charlotte C. Davidsen/COWI

A good passenger experience is when public transport is perceived as one cohesive, efficient system.

Securing an efficient system, where passengers experience public transport as having a cohesive structure, requires effective planning tools.

Bus priority schemes

COWI makes solutions for prioritising buses in traffic. This benefits operations and ensures smoother trips for passengers.The solutions depend on the local conditions, but may entail bus lanes, road traffic signals and traffic regulation.

Fare systems

COWI  has expertise in the consequences of changing ticket prices, types of tickets and outlining integrated fare systems.

Revenue distribution models

COWI assists traffic authorities and municipalities with revenue distribution models, distributing the income from tickets in a common fare system between the participating traffic authorities.

New types of contracts

There is a increasing tendency for transport authorities to work with incentives to provide the best possible service. COWI integrates incentives into contracts between traffic authorities and operators.

Market analyses

When strategic and operational decisions are to be made on public transport, COWI provides the foundation, in the form of e.g. market analyses.

LAST UPDATED: 02.08.2017