Transport plans

Photo: Niels Iversen/COWI


Road authorities often have to prioritise their resources. Car traffic must flow without major delays, safety and environmental risks have to be reduced, and the needs of cyclists and pedestrians must be considered.

COWI develops traffic plans in order to prioritise and implement better conditions for traffic and its surroundings. We assist in all aspects, from setting up strategies, collecting and handling data, analysis and, stakeholder involvement to the presentation of results.

Tailor-made consultancy
When providing consultancy, we work with our customers to determine which type of planning is required.

We have extensive experience with traffic plans for roads, bicycles, road safety, traffic and environmental action plans, safe routes for school children, speed reduction, parking solutions, plans for companies and impact assessment analyses of road design and urban development.

A large number of small and large municipalities, national road authorities and private companies are among our customers.

State-of-the art toolsCOWI's experts use the latest tools for traffic plans, including simulation, traffic modelling, CAD, GIS and economic analyses.

LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017