Visualization of energy and wind turbines

Photo: COWI A/S
The consultancy assistance provided by COWI within energy and wind turbine projects also includes visualizations of wind turbines, transmission lines and technical facilities.

We use our digital 3D terrain models for creating visualizations, and noise and wind calculations for, e.g., a planned wind turbine location, thereby easily and accurately providing the necessary documentation required for political processing of the project.

3D landscape model, precision and quick search of photo positions
By use of digital terrain models, we are able to assess the expected visibility of a project from different points in the landscape, and from the office search and select possible photo positions to be used for visualizations. By planning as much as possible at the office, a speedy delivery to our customers is ensured as our response time is shorter during fine weather and we are sure to get great photos. Terrain models are also used in the actual preparation of visualizations where these are used - together with surveyed reference points on photos - to ensure that visualizations are true.

LAST UPDATED: 05.06.2017