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Geodata management and GIS products

Photo: Niels Aage Skovbo


COWI's GIS products support efficient collection and analysis of data in the public and private sectors. Our GIS products are tailored to meet each customer's needs. COWI's services cover the entire process from implementation and data management to training/courses and subsequent support.

​COWI has broad industry knowledge and years of experience in providing GIS solutions. Our experience is mainly based on the digitisation of the Danish public sector in the 1990s when many municipalities and government agencies introduced GIS in the public administration. Over the years, the application of GIS has spread to other sectors and company types. Today, GIS is used by many private companies and public institutions, and even in the private sphere as an integrated part of everyday life. COWI offers GIS products for use within the fields of health, transport, road administration, welfare, labour market, construction, climate and public information.

GIS products

COWI sells a number of the most popular GIS platforms and tools, which can be tailored to meet each customer's specific needs.

Software products include management and administration tools, systems for design, operation and maintenance, and GIS systems (desktop as well as web GIS solutions) that optimise daily workflows and map, analyse and present data.

In addition, COWI sells a range of proprietary software products, which have been developed over a number of years in cooperation with COWI's own discipline specialists, who use the products themselves. Many of the products are special customised add-ons to standard software from Pitney Bowes and Bentley, which is sold by COWI.

GIS training and support

COWI wants our customers to maximise their gain from our products and solutions. Consequently, we offer standard courses, special training, network meetings, consultancy assistance and hotline support. The aim is to equip our customers with knowledge and tools that can subsequently be implemented and anchored in the customers' daily use of the product/solution.

COWI also provides on-going consultancy throughout the process. COWI's GIS consultants provide support via the telephone, by email or in person. Support includes solution-oriented support such as assistance with installation, configuration and individual consultancy, as well as completion of minor data tasks (conversion, digitisation etc.). We offer support of COWI's own software products and software products developed on the software platforms from Pitney Bowes and Bentley.

LAST UPDATED: 27.01.2017