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Enterprise, solution and system architecture

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​COWI's expert knowledge in enterprise, solution and system architecture is an integrated and interdisciplinary service in connection with COWI's delivery model. It ensures efficient interaction between architectural processes and implementation and operating processes.

​Our services are based on internationally recognised models, methods and frameworks such as OIO, TOGAF and EA.

Enterprise architecture

We support the total enterprise architecture process by taking a holistic approach, covering everything from strategic planning to concrete architecture activities.

This means that we work on your organisational strategy, business goals and processes, information and data, as well as systems and infrastructure.

Because of our holistic approach to architecture – our systemic mindset – we focus on the understanding of the interaction between the organisation and the change. For this reason, one of the key questions is:

"How is the ability to change with society linked to the internal system that is your organisation?" We can help answer that question.

Solution architecture

By providing IT support of specific business processes and workflows, we prepare a solution architecture by involving all relevant stakeholders in accordance with the enterprise architecture and the overall IT strategy.

In case of tendering and implementation of IT systems, we carry out feasibility studies and prepare a solution vision for the specific system and possibly a solution outline, based on the business process in need of support.

The solution architecture typically translates into system architecture and often contains some of its elements.

System architecture

Once it is time to realise the enterprise and solution architecture, system architecture is prepared, describing each application component and how they interact.

During system architecture activities, we ensure that non-functional requirements are met, such as accessibility, response time and security.

The system architecture is described from different viewpoints and perspectives to consider all aspects of the system in the design process.

LAST UPDATED: 27.01.2017