Application support

Photo: Niels Aage Skovbo


COWI offers application support of GIS and IT solutions, based on our specialists' vast technical knowledge and experience with a number of technologies. With more than 20 years of experience in development of GIS and IT solutions, COWI's specialists have a solid basis for providing competent professional support.

​Several specialists with strong profiles are ready to provide application support. On the basis of a broad palette of IT technologies – including Microsoft .NET, MVC, WebForms, WCF, JavaScript, Python MapInfo/MapBasic, ArcGIS/ArcGIS-Server, QuantumGIS, FME, GeoServer, PostGIS, Open Layers, GeoExt, Google, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and PostGIS – COWI offers support of a large variety of solutions.

Support of internal and external applications

Naturally, COWI offers support of proprietary software and the programs that we sell. We are also able to use third-party programs/applications and offer support of such. The latter will always take place in a cooperation of trust with our customer where COWI's specialists complete a transition process for the application and then take over responsibility for it. Support is offered for applications hosted in-house at COWI as well as applications that are hosted externally.

Support requests are based on an agreement with COWI and may cover everything from technical support to data management, including assistance with installation, upgrade agreements, set-up and various data tasks.

Support can be provided by telephone, via remote support, at the customer or at COWI's offices. In such case, COWI makes its support tools available for reporting of and follow-up on errors.

LAST UPDATED: 21.02.2017