Thermographic mapping

Photo: COWI A/S
Thermographic mapping from the air is a method to analyse and visualise the heat and energy loss from buildings.

Mapping of heat loss is an efficient tool in the effort to reduce the CO2 emission. Therefore, this tool could play a vital role in the authorities' and companies' endeavours to obtain a better climate.

Special camera equipment
Special heat-sensitive camera equipment enables identification from the air of buildings and pipe layouts that emit too much heat. This method can be used by authorities, scientists and commercial companies to map heat loss.

Fields of application
The fields of application are fairly wide for thermographic mapping. By combining with other data, like utility plans, orthophotos and technical maps, a wealth of possibilities is offered for interpretation and analysis.

Data is combined in a geographic information system and new information appears that could not have been identified without the thermal mapping in a geographic context. With its direct colour reproduction, the thermal images are a good basis for an effective communication to authorities, citizens, home owners and heads of operations.

COWI as climate consultant
As a consultant, COWI has a vital part to play in the development of climate friendly solutions. Besides considering the climate in relation to all projects, COWI's climate services cover anything from climate protection to climate adaptations, including energy effectiveness in buildings, climate action plans for municipalities  and consultancy within building and district heating.

LAST UPDATED: 16.02.2017