Denmarks Digital Orthophoto 2012

Photo: COWI
The above image shows The Herning Museum of Art as seen from the air.
DDO 2012 offers the most up-to-date and detailed information on Denmark.

COWI will capture and publish the latest version of the DDO (Danish Digital Orthophoto) product in 2012 to add to the existing extensive archive of imagery available.

DDO 2012 will provide completely updated and even more detailed information documenting change and development across the entire country of Denmark. 

The entire country in 12.5 cm resolution

DDO 2012 is produced to the same high quality as Denmarks Digital Orthophoto produced in 2010 (DDO 2010) and with an accuracy that corresponds to that of traditional technical maps. 


Several aircraft will ensure delivery as from October 2012

To ensure the delivery of the nationwide dataset is on time, COWI made use of its large and versatile fleet of aircraft. Having this number of aircraft available meant that COWI could respond to the smaller flying opportunities offered by the changeable weather experienced in 2012.

The aerial photography was captured in just four weeks (26th May to 27th July) and will be fully processed and ready for launch 1st November 2012.


COWIs web map service

However access to a provisional version of the product can already be provided through COWI's Web Map Services as the areas are completed.


Supplier for Danish state institutions

COWI is the state chosen supplier of the summer orthophoto 2012. The data is widely available, with many customers having already purchased DDO 2012 including a number of state institutions such as the Road Directorate, the Danish Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, who have purchased a special version of DDO 2012.

LAST UPDATED: 26.07.2017