Traditional surveying

Photo: Claire Lake


Traditional surveying includes the use of GPS, total stations, levelling, bathymetry, etc. These services have been our core services for many years and a large part of our business is based on them.

When novelty wears off
In the beginning of the 90's, the use of GPS was something quite new in the field of surveying. It was important for us to be on the forefront and gain experience with this new technology. Today, nobody questions the use of GPS, especially not when they see how fast and precisely the projects can be performed. In the same way, we have developed our other services within the field we call traditional surveying. And the development is so fast that many of the methods we are developing today will form part of tomorrow’s toolbox. 

The toolbox must contain the right toolsIn our daily work, we often need more choices of method consisting of several  surveying methods. It is often when we combine the various tools in our ”toolbox” that we find the optimum solution. It is therefore essential that we maintain  traditional surveying as basis for all our projects. 

LAST UPDATED: 15.02.2017