Annual general meeting

The annual general meeting in COWI Holding A/S is held once a year at COWI Holding's registered office or in Greater Copenhagen.

COWI Holding A/S' annual general meeting is convened by the Board of Directors with a notice of no less than two weeks and no more than four weeks.

All shareholders are entitled to have proposed resolutions placed on the agenda of the annual general meeting. This requires a written request to the Board of Director at least six weeks before the annual general meeting.

No later than eight weeks before the date of the contemplated annual general meeting, the date and the draft agenda will be posted on COWI's website.

No later than two weeks before any general meeting, the following information must be made available on and/or

  • The notice convening the general meeting.
  • The total number of shares and voting rights at the date of the notice, including the total number of each class of shares (A shares and B shares).
  • The final agenda and the full text of any resolutions to be proposed to the general meeting.
  • The forms to be used when voting by proxy and by correspondence.
  • Prior to the annual general meeting, an audited annual report submitted by the management must also be made available.

Annual general meetings

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