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Urban tech 2021 Demo day conference - all attendees
Digitalisation and technology News
Startups and big corporations create results together

Innovation is key to solving climate change related challenges — and when startups and big corporations join forces, innovation can be accelerated. That is the conclusion of Urbantech, a three-year ‘accelerator program’.

Visual of marine and offshore construction for the first energy island
Energy News
Energy island partnership brings project one step closer to realisation

A strong marine and offshore construction service partnership has been formed to develop the world's first energy island. COWI has been appointed as owner's engineer.

Three floating structures for EMULF project
Energy News
Strong partnership to improve floating offshore wind design

The fast growth of the FOW industry has created a need for highly specific and efficient methodologies, to support the economical design of floating substructures (floaters).

Lake near the mountains with trees
Climate change News
Scotland's largest ever hydro project

The move from carbon intensive to renewable electricity generation is changing the role that pumped storage can play in supporting the reliability of the UK’s electricity grid.

green infrastructure
Energy News
Working with Energinet for future green infrastructure

If Denmark is to meet the climate target by 2030, the necessary physical infrastructure to connect the green transition in practice must fall into place as well

Windmill farm in the sea for green energy
Energy News
Working with a vision: the world's first energy island

Working with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and the VindØ consortium (consisting of PensionDanmark, PFA and Andel), COWI and Arkitema had the opportunity to develop alternative concepts to visualise what the world's first energy island could look like.

Hising bridge in Sweden
Bridges News
Royal opening of Hising Bridge

Hising Bridge crosses the river Göta Älv in Gothenburg and forms the new link between the mainland and Hisingen. The opening period for Hising Bridge started on 9 May when the bridge was opened to traffic and ended on 5 September when King Carl XVI Gustaf in Sweden officially opened the bridge. This is the culmination of 10 years’ work for COWI, which has been the main consultant.

Lake near the mountains with trees
About News
COWI increases order book by DKK 1 billion

In the past year, COWI has won many new projects, which has increased the order book by DKK 1 billion and strengthened the top line as well as the bottom line.

Windmill offshore
Wind energy Press releases
A 4-step guide to commercialise floating offshore wind

In a bid to commercialise floating offshore wind and reach a levelized cost of energy that is palatable to consumers, companies globally are investing in research and development to drive technological advancement.

COWI employee Jeppe Grue on stage
Energy News
DEBATE: Power-to-X could turn agriculture into a major part of the solution to climate change

Power-to-X has a huge potential for agriculture and is essential to achieving Denmark's climate targets. However, the technological solutions have to be scaled up and implemented if this is to be realised. We need to be clear about the framework conditions for Power-to-X and accelerate development across the whole value chain – as quickly as possible.

An artificial peninsula is being constructed in the River Göta from Masthugget
Sustainability News
Key role for COWI as Gothenburg’s new peninsula takes shape

An artificial peninsula is being constructed in the River Göta from Masthugget, a historic city district where masts were once made for large sailing vessels. COWI is playing a key role in the planning and coordination of this new peninsula, which brings with it new geotechnical and design challenges.

London Array Offshore Wind Farm
Energy News
DEBATE: framework conditions for investments in power-to-x must be defined – and soon

We need to accelerate the development of Power-to-X if we are to meet Denmark's climate goals in 2030 and seize the opportunity to create a green business adventure. To that end, we need to define a long-term framework for investments in Power-to-X and to quickly create an attractive climate for private investors, says Jeppe Grue, Technical Director of Green Fuels and Thermal Power with COWI.

Aarhus ReWater
Water News
Water is at the core of sustainable urban development

More than 2000 experts from 94 countries are taking part in the digital World Water Congress 2021. COWI is among the presenters and proudly sponsoring the conference about the world’s most precious natural resource.

Sustainability News
Wastewater purification creates a greener water circuit

EasyMining, an innovation company in the Ragn-Sells Group, is part of an EU LIFE-funded project aiming to develop a new, innovative purification and recovery process that removes ammonium nitrogen from wastewater. COWI assists EasyMining with detailed design of the mobile pilot plant, which will be put to work outside Stockholm, Sweden, and Copenhagen, Denmark.

About News
International talent is new Group CFO in COWI

39-year-old Swedish-Iranian Natalie Shaverdian Riise-Knudsen will be COWI's new CFO, tasked with contributing to the next growth phase of the company. Despite her young age, she brings broad and solid international experience, especially in finance, IT, analysis, management and change.

Bridges News
Exploring ground-breaking bridge concepts for the E39

A team consisting of Aas-Jakobsen, COWI and Multiconsult with Johs Holt will assist the Norwegian Public Roads Administration in developing the best bridge solutions for the E39 where it crosses the Sula Fjord and Halsa Fjord. The consultancy team has been awarded an impressive five in eight preliminary projects for the two fjord crossings in Møre and Romsdal.

Energy News
The world's first energy island, inspired by the force of nature

As stated by the VindØ consortium, ambitious climate targets require ambitious solutions.

Carbon capture utilisation & storage (CCUS) News
Debate piece: We need to invest more in carbon capture!

If the world is to succeed in limiting the temperature increase, Sweden and the EU must invest more in the establishment of carbon capture infrastructure and plants.

Carbon capture utilisation & storage (CCUS) News
Aalborg portland looks into possibilities of carbon capture

Today, the cement industry has one of the highest environmental impacts globally. With COWI as consultant, Aalborg Portland is looking into the possibilities of carbon capture through the EUDP-funded project GreenCem – an important step towards a more sustainable cement production.

About News
New high-profile chairman of COWI's board of directors

COWI's new chairman represents the very top of Danish board expertise. Former CEO of Siemens Jukka Pertola replaces Steen Riisgaard, who resigns after eight years as chairman.

Sustainability News
A massive drop in our CO₂ emissions

The carbon footprint caused by COWI’s day-to-day operations went down several sizes in 2020, compared to previous years.

Climate change News
Cowi takes on climate challenges by establishing new knowledge centre for climate change adaptation

Our climate is changing and we are seeing more climate change-related damage. To address future climate challenges and meet the increasing demand for expertise in this field, COWI is establishing an interdisciplinary centre dedicated to climate change adaptation.

annual general meeting
About News
Notice of the annual general meeting 2021 of COWI Holding A/S

The annual general meeting for COWI Holding A/S will be held on Thursday 25 March 2021 at 15:30.

Green transition News
Biofilters to reduce climate impact of dairy cows and pigs by up to 20 per cent

Biofilters breaking down methane could be a key step towards cost-effective reduction of the carbon footprint of Danish dairy cows and pig production. The new GUDP project BIOMET just kicked off development and testing of large-scale filter models.

About News
COWI delivered record - breaking profit in 2020

Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic and severe market uncertainties in 2020, COWI achieved the best ever EBIT and cash flow. COWI enters the new year with unprecedented high customer satisfaction, a strong order book and a positive outlook for 2021 – not least driven by continued, massive investments in the green transition across the world.

Energy News
Denmark to build the world's first energy island

The Danish Parliament has agreed to build the world’s first offshore wind energy hub, designed as an artificial island in the North Sea.

Ports and marine structures News
Copenhagen Malmö container terminal is moving

Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) has chosen its technical consultants for the upcoming development project in Ydre Nordhavn, Copenhagen. The task assigned to COWI and Rambøll includes providing technical advice for the establishment of a new container terminal, including construction and infrastructure, establishment of offices, and administrative facilities and space for relevant authorities, among other things.

Flooding News
Climate-adapted urban space retains water

The legendary Copenhagen oasis Enghaveparken was updated and geared to handle future extreme rainfall. In January, the successful integration of climate-adaptation measures and cultural history received the architecture award Årets Arne, named after architect Arne Jacobsen, who designed the characteristic features of the park.

Sustainability News
Shaping zero: Responding to the infrastructure challenge

“The way we, as civil engineers, have planned, designed, constructed and operate our infrastructure systems have been part of the (climate change) problem: “It hasn’t been intentional but it’s time to recognise that we need to do things differently.”

Railways News
COWI, Parsons, SYSTRA and Implement win DSB framework contract for the Copenhagen Future Rail Network

The joint venture team consisting of COWI, Parsons and SYSTRA, with Implement Consulting Group as subconsultant, has been awarded DSB’s large framework contract on multidisciplinary consultancy services for the automation of the S-train system in the Greater Copenhagen Area, Denmark. The contract has a term of eight years with the possibility of two six-year extensions.

annual general meeting
About News
Annual general meeting of COWI Holding A/S - preliminary agenda

The annual general meeting for COWI Holding A/S will be held on Thursday 25 March 2021 at 15:30. Due to COVID-19, this year, the annual general meeting will be held online.

Tunnels News
The Marieholm Tunnel boosts passability significantly

On 16 December, the new connection across the river in Gothenburg, the Marieholm Tunnel, opened for traffic. Thomas Darholm, Technical Director in COWI's Bridge department in Gothenburg, has been involved since the project kicked off ten years ago, in close cooperation with the Swedish Transport Administration.

Buildings News
Bosch headquarters sets new sustainable standards

Arkitema and COWI are heading the development of a new Danish headquarters for industrial mastodon Bosch. The complex and multi-functional building is the outcome of architects and engineers working closely together from start to finish, and it will be a timber building with high sustainability aspirations.

Buildings News
COWI and Port of Oslo sign framework contract

The Port of Oslo has a vision of becoming the world’s most efficient and environmentally-friendly port city. To achieve this goal, COWI will be contributing with electrification solutions and engineering expertise within various technical disciplines.

About News
Danish engineering giant turns 90

Most Danes know the New Little Belt Bridge, the Great Belt Bridge and the Copenhagen Metro. In other parts of the world, the consulting engineers of COWI are known for their contribution to projects in water supply, infrastructure and urban development. This year, the company celebrates its 90th anniversary and that comes with responsibility, believes CEO, Lars-Peter Søbye.

GIS and IT News
Smart sensor technology used for preserving Norwegian World Heritage site

The colourful row of historic wooden buildings on Bryggen in Bergen has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1979 and is the third most visited tourist attraction in Norway. Now, 21 smart sensors monitoring the condition of Bryggen around the clock, is enabling action to be taken more quickly than before and helping to preserve this World Heritage site for the future.

Sustainability News
Ambitious measures shave off 70 per cent of COWI’s carbon footprint by 2030

COWI will drastically reduce the company’s air travel, domestic and international. Furthermore, COWI's car fleet will be converted to hybrid or electric cars. These measures will contribute to reducing COWI's carbon footprint by more than 70 per cent by 2030, compared to baseline year 2008, and to reaching carbon neutrality in 2050.

Bridges News
We stay committed to build more bridges to prosperity

The global pandemic has resulted in this year's edition of Bridges to Prosperity being cancelled, but COWI will continue our support for the bridge-building charity. While looking forward to future projects, we look back at last year's project and the impact it made on the communities it connects in rural Rwanda.

Bridges News
Rapid progress in bridge project

Despite difficult site conditions with the ongoing COVID-19 situation and severe flooding in the area earlier this year, the Hams Way Footbridge in Worcester in England recently reached a major project milestone with the installation of the main span.

About News
COWI delivers strong half-year result despite COVID-19

COWI looks back at six months of significantly improved bottom-line results, successful integration of Arkitema as well as higher customer satisfaction. Infrastructure investments in, e.g., the UK, ongoing green transition as well as swift adaptation to ‘the new normal’ build expectations for a very satisfactory result for the full year.

Digitalisation and technology News
Better technology for the cities of the future

Eight of the world's most promising and innovative technology companies have been selected for the accelerator program Urbantech. They are getting the opportunity to scale and grow their solutions through an intense and tailored acceleration process in partnership with COWI and other companies.

About News
Around the world with COWI

Do you also have that strong urge to fly, but got nowhere to fly to? Don’t worry. This travel guide will take you on a safe, virtual journey around the globe without violating any travel restrictions or risking contracting the coronavirus.

Urbanisation News
Urban area development in the City of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is seeing huge changes these years. Each year, the Danish capital gains more than 10,000 new inhabitants, which increases the demand for housing, businesses, institutions and green spaces.

Industry News
Liquefied carbon dioxide finds its way to the harbour

Gothenburg and Sweden could be the first in the world to create a joint infrastructure for the transport of liquefied carbon dioxide extracted using CCS technology. The project – CinfraCap – is a unique collaborative venture between Göteborg Energi, Nordion Energi, Preem, St1, Renova, and the Port of Gothenburg.

About News
COWI specialist in a daring attempt

To 62-year old Electrical Engineer Michael Otto, the out-of-office status in his Outlook will mean more than just vacation this summer. He will spend the next six weeks undertaking a daring attempt to paddle his way around the entire Danish coastline. By himself. In a sea kayak.

Process industry News
New framework agreement with Norway's biggest wastewater treatment plant

Each year, Norway’s largest wastewater treatment plant, VEAS, treats 100-110 million m³ of wastewater. The constant development of the plant capacity and the wish to be a leader in technology, have led to new framework agreements at the plant for COWI.

Wind energy News
Fine screening of potential Danish sites for offshore wind farms and energy islands just published

In collaboration with Energinet, an independent public enterprise owned by the Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy, COWI assisted the Danish Energy Agency in fine screening potential sites for future offshore wind farms and energy islands in Denmark. The screening demonstrates that, within selected areas, it is feasible to establish additional offshore wind farms in Denmark, either as solitary wind farms or connected to energy islands in the North Sea and in the vicinity of the island of Bornholm.

Infrastructure News
COWI wins projects for the next alignment analysis phase for a fixed Kattegat connection

The largest infrastructure project ever on the drawing board in Denmark is one step further to being realised. In the wake of the first part of the preliminary phase for a fixed connection across the Kattegat sea area, COWI will assist in preparing a more detailed basis for deciding where best to establish the Kattegat Link, onshore and offshore. The projects will be carried out for the Danish Road Directorate; the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority; and Sund & Bælt.

Sustainability News
New research leads to lighter and greener bridges

A recently completed research project revealed the potential for reducing material used for a suspension bridge deck by more than a quarter – meaning a saving of up to 30 per cent of CO₂ emissions.

Nature News
High risk of rockslides and floods in Norway: Many people are nervous

Vast snow volumes will make their way down the Norwegian mountains in the coming weeks. When combined with considerable temperature rises and rainfall, this could lead to an extraordinarily high risk of rockslides and debris floods in May and June.

Sustainability News
Leading Danish companies join forces on an ambitious sustainable fuel project

Copenhagen Airports, A.P. Moller - Maersk, DSV Panalpina, DFDS, SAS and Ørsted have formed the first partnership of its kind to develop an industrial-scale production facility to produce sustainable fuels for road, maritime and air transport in the Copenhagen area. The partnership brings together the demand and supply side of sustainable fuels with a vision to realise what could become one of the world’s largest electrolyser and sustainable fuel production facilities. The project can spearhead the maturation of sustainable fuels while creating jobs and new value chains to reinforce Denmark’s role as a green energy leader. COWI act as knowledge partner for the project.

Architecture News
New landmark bridge for tomorrows neighborhood

Denmark’s new cable-stayed bridge is the result of strong collaboration between architects and engineers and connects the upcoming sustainable district “NærHeden” with the neighboring town for the joy of pedestrians, cyclist and drivers.

Data centres News
Streaming causes high emissions: district heating from datacentre can reduce the climate impact

On a global scale, Internet traffic generates just as much CO₂ as air traffic. But a Norwegian data centre has come up with a profitable and green solution. By reusing the heat generated by your streaming activity, they reduce the carbon footprint and energy consumption considerably.

Buildings News
Linköping University’s Studenthuset voted ‘Building of the Year 2020’

Studenthuset at Linköping University has just won the most prestigious prize in the Swedish construction industry – Building of the Year 2020. COWI has been part of the project since the beginning, and developed the structural design of the building for the client, Akademiska Hus.

Digitalisation and technology News
Much needed forced digitalisation of the construction industry

These past weeks, consulting engineers have worked from home. COWI has gone from less than 100 to over 5,000 offices relatively smoothly. Many of our colleagues have built new digital procedures from the ground up and successfully so. Many companies have seen the same happen.

Industry News
Expert consortium develops carbon-neutral fuel for sustainable transport

The Power-to-Fuel project, led by Liquid Wind, will establish commercial-scale renewable fuel facilities. The consortium (consisting of Axpo, COWI, Carbon Clean Solutions, Haldor Topsoe, Nel Hydrogen and Siemens) will combine its expertise and technology to produce liquid, carbon-neutral fuel from captured carbon dioxide (CCU) and green hydrogen (from renewable electricity). As an alternative to fossil-based fuel, this new fuel will play a significant role in reducing carbon emissions.

Five tips on how to maintain data security when working from home

Working from home is a key measure to succeed in reducing the spread of the coronavirus. However, it also increases your risk of being trapped by cyber criminals.

Risk Analysis News
Bonn Agreement study to reduce risk of marine pollution in the North Sea

An international risk assessment of marine pollution has been carried out for the North Sea. The findings from the study, which is the first of its kind, will help prevent pollution by allowing North Sea states to better focus their resources in high-risk areas.

Sustainability News
Generational handover: From coal to climate anxiety

They represent three generations of engineers in energy and industry. But how did we get from heavy crude oil and coal to carbon capture and climate anxiety?

About News
CORONAVIRUS: We must take care of each other while keeping the wheels turning

The world is in the middle of a crisis. The Coronavirus is spreading fast on a global scale and governments are taking drastic, but necessary, measures to slow down the virus. COWI looks at this situation very seriously; We do everything we can to take care of our employees and customers – while striving to keep the wheels turning and support the economy.

annual general meeting
About News
Annual General Meeting 2020 - Notice of the annual general meeting 2020 of COWI Holding AS

The annual general meeting for COWI Holding A/S will be held on Thursday 26 March 2020 at 15:30 in the canteen at COWI, Parallelvej 2, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark.

About News
Strengthened international focus and massive order book hold promise of growth in 2020

Despite challenges in 2019, COWI's order book has never been bigger. The company’s strengthened international focus and the increasing demand for integrated solutions hold promise of growth in the coming year.

Water News
Car tyres are among the culprits when it comes to microplastics – but how dangerous are they really?

Microplastics from tyres account for around 28 per cent of the microplastic pollution in our seas. In a research project for the Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund, Aquateam COWI is now investigating what impact the black microplastic actually has.

Wind energy News
Clean energy for nearly one million homes on the US east coast

The Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind project off the coast of New Jersey, NY, has the potential to supply up to 2,500 megawatts of renewable green energy to multiple markets along the Eastern Seaboard. In addition to generating enough clean energy to power nearly one million homes, the project will also create jobs and play a part in boosting the region's economy.

annual general meeting
About News
Annual general meeting of COWI Holding A/S - preliminary agenda

The annual general meeting for COWI Holding A/S will be held on Thursday 26 March 2020 at 15:30 in the canteen at COWI Holding A/S, Parallelvej 2, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark.

About News
COWI strengthens its international focus

COWI escalates its ambitions in the international market by implementing a number of changes in the organisation. The consulting company intends to concentrate its efforts even more intensely on infrastructure and wind energy, and on furthering growth in the UK and the USA. The changes lead to several COWI chief executives switching roles.

Bridges News
Stonecutters Bridge celebrates 10-year anniversary of helping traffic over the Rambler Channel

To solve the challenges of a busy road with 100,000 cars moving every day, the Hong Kong Administrative Region decided that a bridge could solve the issue. Today, the Stonecutters Bridge functions as a gateway to the city and stands as a landmark in the Hong Kong skyline.

Bridges News
Framework contract signed for fjord crossings in North-West Norway

In December, AMC (Aas-Jakobsen, COWI and Multiconsult with Johs Holt) and partners signed a framework contract with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for fjord crossings in North-West Norway.

Sustainability News
COWI becomes carbon neutral in 2020

COWI is accelerating its drive towards a more sustainable future: “Next year, we will become carbon neutral, and within the next ten years, we will reduce our actual CO₂ footprint by 70 percent. The end target is zero emissions by 2050,” says CEO Lars-Peter Søbye.

Sustainability News
Research reveals promising results for innovative purification of contaminated groundwater

A new sustainable method for treating contaminated groundwater has taken shape in a PhD study headed by Bente Højlund, COWI. Major advantages: 1) No chemicals or bacterial cultures are injected and 2) zero groundwater is extracted. With millions of contaminated sites around the world and the subsequent risk of drinking water pollution, sustainable and low-cost cleaning methods are in high demand.

Sustainability News
Lidl certified as the world's first Zero CO₂ grocery store

Lidl’s store on Gotland has been certified as the world’s first completely climate-neutral grocery store under the new NollC02 (Zero CO2) scheme. Lidl engaged COWI to help it to meet the demanding requirements for certification.

Environment News
The Norwegian Trekking Association and COWI team up to protect the environment and climate

In a three-part delivery to the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT), COWI will work to increase protection of nature and the environment, social responsibility and sustainability.

Digitalisation and technology News
Urbantech 2019: Innovating construction for sustainable cities

How can smart technology optimise construction processes? Since the Urbantech program started back in August, this has been the focus of COWI's collaboration with two tech start-ups: Norwegian Catenda and Spanish SAALG Geomechanics. At the Demo Day on November 8, the results were presented at BLOXHUB in Copenhagen.

Climate change News
Climate adaptation expert wins ‘Young consultant of the year 2019'

Phan Åge Haugård will make his mark in the world, wrote the jury in its citation. For the second year running, COWI has come away with the prestigious ‘Young Consultant of the Year’ award from RIF (the Norwegian Consulting Engineers’ Association).

Sustainability News
New research to develop more sustainable designs of large concrete structures

Every year, new bridges are being built around the world to span further, reach higher and extend wider. This means that more time, materials and expertise are also required. How will we adapt to meet these challenges in a sustainable way? New research seeks to provide some of the answers.

Energy News
EnergyLab Nordhavn presents recommendations for smart energy systems in future cities

Since 2015, one of Denmark's biggest and most ambitious smart energy projects EnergyLab Nordhavn has been working on finding new solutions for sustainable and flexible energy systems in cities. And now, the 12 partners behind the project have presented recommendations for how to accelerate the development. A part of the answer is intelligent and energy-efficient buildings on which COWI engineers have been leading the work at EnergyLab Nordhavn.

Digitalisation and technology News
World champions explore how BIM models can save lives at hospitals

Can BIM models help to save lives at the new Stavanger University Hospital in Norway?

Metros News
Copenhagen’s largest construction project in 400 years, Metro Circle Line, opens

Moving around Copenhagen’s inner city just got easier. The new City Circle Line will play an important part in relieving traffic congestion and transporting residents and visitors much faster and easier. The driverless and fully automatic metro is expected to carry more than 100 million passengers a year.

Water News
New digital tool supports planning on water infrastructure investments

To address the world's freshwater scarcity, COWI’s industrial PhD Raphaël Payet-Burin has developed an open-source model in partnership with the Technical University of Denmark and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The framework is a step forward in solving complex water and agricultural challenges and well in line with COWI's digital and societal ambitions.

Wind energy News
Baltic Sea winds to power up more households in Germany

Arcadis Ost 1 is one of the latest offshore wind farm developments born from the German renewable energy support system. The wind farm will produce enough energy to power 290,000 households and plays an important role in producing wind energy originating from the sea regions. COWI has staffed up its Hamburg office to meet the growing demand for wind expertise.

Water News
Strategic plan for vital watercourse in Africa has been approved

A new strategic plan seeks to enhance socio-economic development and sustainable management of the Zambezi Watercourse shared by eight African States. COWI has led the development of the plan – a crucial element to balance the need for economic growth and the increasing risk of droughts and floods.

Buildings News
Man-made peninsula being built at Masthuggskajen in Gothenburg

Masthuggskajen in Gothenburg is now under construction, a development which will accommodate 1,300 homes and 5,000–6,000 jobs, with restaurants, pre-schools and hotels – and a man-made peninsula. COWI has won the contract to produce a tender specification setting out how the peninsula is to be built.

About News
Strategic acquisition demonstrates its value to COWI

The acquisition of Arkitema Architects on 4 January 2019 resulted in new projects and an increase in turnover in the first half of 2019. The order book is generally solid, and the continuing urbanisation as well as energy and climate measures are a strong driver for the demand for COWI's services. That explains the company’s relatively positive outlook on its own future, despite of a challenging level of earnings in the first half year and the ominous clouds on the horizon of the world economy.

Waste and resources News
200,000 tonnes of waste per year are to be turned into energy in Malta

As the Maltese become wealthier and welcome more tourists, the island’s waste volumes increase. Therefore, the Maltese government has decided to construct a modern, energy-efficient waste incineration plant with an expected annual capacity of some 200,000 tonnes of waste. COWI acts as client consultant on the project.

Climate change News
Students present innovative solutions for nine artificial islands

Multiple ideas for how to realise a vision of make nine artificial islands into one of the most sustainable industrial areas of tomorrow have been presented by 34 engineering students at this year's summer job programme ‘COWI Try’.

Primary school
Waste and resources News
Environmental requirements have entered the digital design model

Integrating environmental requirements into digital project design work increases the likelihood of delivering climate-friendly solutions.

Structural Awards 2019
Bridges News
Four projects shortlisted in the structural awards

The EJ Whitten Bridge Widening Scheme, Taplow Footbridge and Mersey Gateway Bridge, as well as Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium have been shortlisted in this year's prestigious global Structural Awards.

Waste and resources News
Exotic islands are drowning in waste

Waste is an ever-increasing problem in popular destinations like the Seychelles, Mauritius and the Marshall Islands following economic growth and increased tourism. COWI is advising the development of solutions that could point the way to sustainable management of waste in these exotic but vulnerable island communities, which are struggling with a lack of basic infrastructure, resources and space.

COWI Try 2019 project students next to a black brick wall
Climate change News
Students to develop innovative climate solutions for the ‘Holmene’ land reclamation project

34 students from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK will be working to develop innovative climate solutions for 'Holmene’, one of the largest urban development projects in northern Europe; COWI Try is a summer job programme aiming to find young talents, giving them the opportunity toexplore the potential for new and creative solutions together with the municipality of Hvidovre.

BLOX and Rasmus Hjortshøj
Buildings News
Ten international tech-startups are ready to accelerate the development of sustainable cities

Ten startups have now been selected, by some of the leading Danish companies within sustainable urban development, to join the Urbantech innovation- and accelerator program.

Industry News
Preem takes next step towards supplying green fuel

Preem, the largest fuel company in Sweden has made big investments in recent years to convert its refinery in Gothenburg to process renewable raw materials. It is now taking the next step, and further modifications and adaptations are being made to the refinery to enable it to produce more fuel from renewables. The company has enlisted COWI to take overall responsibility for the project.

Wind energy News
Design completed for Formosa 1 Phase 2, Taiwan’s First Offshore Wind Farm

Another important milestone in Taiwan’s green transition has taken place: the detailed design for Formosa 1 Phase 2 has been successfully delivered by COWI, following that of Phase 1 which became operational in April 2017. Construction of the 20 monopile foundations supporting Siemens Gamesa 6.0-154 turbines has commenced this month.

Bridges News
Mersey Gateway Bridge wins Outstanding Structure Award 2019

The Mersey Gateway Bridge has been awarded the IABSE Outstanding Structure Award for 2019, the highest distinction awarded by the association.

Coastal protection News
New coastal protection defends Anholt’s precious coastline

The islanders and the many tourists visiting the picturesque Danish island Anholt can look forward to a summer with improved beach conditions and a safer coastal road. The new coastal protection is in place and will together with proper beach nourishment reduce erosion and protect the coast for many years to come.

Railways News
Biggest railway project in 60 years ready for inauguration

Today, 31 May 2019, Rail Net Denmark inaugurates the first high-speed railway in Denmark: The new railway from Copenhagen to Ringsted. It is the largest railway project in more than 60 years and COWI has been involved as consultant since the early beginnings in 2010 – above and underground.

Railways News
Greater Copenhagen’s new landmark for green mobility opens

The inauguration of a new transportation hotspot Køge North Station is taking place today, introducing a spectacular pedestrian bridge, a station and parking facilities to the public. Køge North Station is not only a significant crossing for sustainable mobility but also a unique example of Danish architecture and engineering.

Metros News
Doha residents welcome new metro connections

A remarkable addition to the city’s public transport infrastructure, the first part of Doha Metro’s Red Line, started its service for the public on May 8th running from Al Qassar in the North to Al Wakra in the South. Doha Metro consists of four lines serving the Greater Doha area and includes underground and on elevated rail sections, bridges and passes. The metro network connects town centres, commercial hubs and residential areas throughout the city and is considered one of the world’s most modern metro and railway systems.

Area and property development News
New island will take part in the climate protection of Copenhagen

CPH City & Port Development has chosen its technical and EIA consultants for the establishment of the new island of Lynetteholmen: COWI will be responsible for the technical consultancy work, while Rambøll will produce the EIA report.

Bridges News
COWI wins the NCE100 Innovative Operator Award

Last night, COWI's non-disruptive bridge repairs on the Gade Valley Viaduct was recognised with the Innovative Operator award at the NCE100 event in the UK. The event celebrates civil engineering companies that are making an impact in 2019

Industry News
New liquefied gas filling stations for heavy-duty vehicles in the Nordic region

Demand for cleaner fuel alternatives is increasing sharply. Over the next few years, Gasum will open liquefied gas filling stations for heavy-duty vehicles in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Gasum has engaged COWI to help out with the endeavour.