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A girl running through a pond system
Biodiversity News
Minimising biodiversity loss the English way

Recently, England launched a biodiversity credit scheme in an attempt to force all new road and housebuilding projects to benefit nature rather than damage it. Under this scheme, all new building projects are required to achieve a 10% net gain in biodiversity or habitat. For example, if the construction of a road results in the destruction of a woodland, the scheme necessitates the creation of a new woodland, adding a further 10% to compensate for the loss.

Woman walking with two girls
About News
COWI continues significant growth

Despite geopolitical unrest and volatile markets, not least within the energy sector, COWI delivered an organic growth of 9%. The bulging order book reached a new record of DKK 6.3 billion.

Annual general meeting
About News
Notice of the annual general meeting 2024 of COWI Holding A/S

The annual general meeting for COWI Holding A/S will be held on Wednesday 20 March 2024 at 15:30. The annual general meeting will be held in the canteen in Lyngby at COWI, Parallelvej 2, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark as well as online.

Woman standing new water
Biodiversity News
Biodiversity loss is a global risk - but not risky enough

In ten years, biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse will pose one of the greatest risks to the economy, natural resources and people, concludes the World Economic Forum in its annual Global Risks Report 2024. But in a two-year perspective, it is barely in the top 20, which means that efforts may not be prioritised, says one of COWI's experts in the area.

Sustainability News
COWI's science-based targets have been approved

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has approved COWI’s carbon-emission reduction targets. With this important mark, COWI joins a club of more than 5,000 companies who have aligned their goals with the latest climate science and with the Paris Agreement.

Iceland mountain covered in snow
Sustainability News
Mannvit changes its name to COWI and enters a new chapter of growth and expansion across Iceland

On 12 February, Mannvit will change its name and operate fully under the COWI brand. The rebranding is part of Mannvit's ongoing integration into the COWI organisation, and a natural step in COWI's ambition to grow and expand its services in Iceland.

COWI logo on building
About News
COWI simplifies its management structure and expands its group management

COWI expands its group management and takes out a top management layer to strengthen its strategy execution.

annual general meeting
About News
Annual general meeting 2024

The annual general meeting for COWI Holding A/S will be held on Wednesday 20 March 2024 at 15:30.

Employees chatting on a bench
Climate change News
Bringing nature into the city, for the city's sake

Greener urban areas can lower temperatures during heatwaves, absorb rainwater and reduce the risk of flooding during extreme rainfall. Hence, many more cities should follow in the footsteps of these progressive municipalities," wrote Carsten Fjorback and Susanne Grunkin.

Boys in the skatepark
Digitalisation and technology News
Digital management creates overview and value for water utilities

Improved monitoring of underground pipelines may be one way of protecting ourselves against flooding and overflow of untreated wastewater. An asset management system can secure the vital overview and ensure that piping and plants work as intended throughout their service lives.

Father and little daughter are flowing a kite in Aalborg Portland
Sustainability News
The hunt for carbon dioxide – time to step it up

In Sweden, several carbon dioxide capture projects are being tested and developed. But we need to speed up the journey towards using the technology on a large scale. It is time to step up the pace and shift into a higher gear.

AI illustration
Digitalisation and technology News
Danish companies believe AI holds major productivity gains

The use of artificial intelligence may boost productivity by more than ten per cent in the next five years, say Danish companies in a new study.

Coastal protection News
Dragør Municipality has chosen COWI and Arkitema for coastal protection project

Dragør Municipality has signed a contract with COWI and Arkitema for the implementation of the "Climate-Resilient Coastal Municipality" project – a coastal protection project that aims to set new standards for storm surge protection and coastal defence.

Imagine futures header
Event: Learn how humans and AI can join forces to accelerate the green transition

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the powerful world of artificial intelligence? You are invited to the very first /imagine futures event where business leaders and experts discuss and unfold how AI will impact our ways of working and what companies and governments need to do today to capture the full value of AI tomorrow.

Windmills in the sea
Energy News
Cowi lands South Korea wind farm contract

COWI awarded Detailed Design work for Anma Offshore Wind at South Korea's utility-scale offshore wind farm. The win follows years of collaboration as owner's engineer delivering the Front End Engineering Design for the project.

Sea water
Sustainability News
Chasing CO₂ - one molecule at a time

Rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are a threat to our civilisation. But it is really just a matter of small chemical building blocks, which are leftovers from various processes that make our modern society run. With CCS, we chase the most renown greenhouse gas - one molecule at a time.

Red metro sign
Metros News
New metro line focuses on neighbourhood involvement and urban biodiversity

COWI will assist Metroselskabet with securing areas and rights for the construction of the proposed new M5 metro line in Copenhagen, focusing on biodiversity and social sustainability.

Anna Berggren
Sustainability News
The hunt for CO₂ - the key to the green transition

Capturing carbon dioxide and then pushing it into the bedrock for storage for thousands of years. It may sound like science fiction, but the technology plays a crucial part if we are to meet international climate goals.

Windmill Avedore
Carbon capture utilisation & storage (CCUS) News
One of Denmarks greenest power plants becomes even greener with carbon capture and storage

COWI supports the biomass-fuelled Avedøre power station with capturing a portion of its CO₂ and then storing it below the North Sea.

Inflation Reduction Act
Sustainability News
One year into the Inflation Reduction Act: Here’s what we know

In a soaring, low-carbon high-rise on the 82nd floor, 300 meters above the bustling streets of New York City, a select group of energy leaders gathered during New York Climate week 2023 to discuss the future of sustainable solutions and the green transition one year into the Inflation Reduction Act. Here is what we learned.

Cargo ship with containers
Sustainability News
Top tip: Building Supply Chain Resilience in the green energy market

In an era marked by growing environmental concerns and geopolitical turbulence, supply chain resilience has become paramount for businesses worldwide. The offshore wind- and green fuels industries, with their rapid growth and promising potential, is no exception. Companies must adopt a proactive approach that embraces various facets of resilience.

Wind farm
Wind energy News
Comparing CO₂ emissions from different energy sources

When you produce electricity, you generate greenhouse gas emissions – and this is true for fossil-free energy sources as well. Even if the actual production of electricity does not generate emissions, there is a life-cycle perspective to consider.

Climate change News
COWI signs UN Global Compact statement and commits to sustainable development goals

Together with 26 other Danish companies, COWI signs the United Nations Global Compact statement, thereby reflecting high ambitions and tangible plans for a net-zero future.

Co-creator startup
Energy News
Innovating with start-ups - Co-Creator Startup program 2023 kicks off

For the second consecutive year, we are happy to kick off the Co-Creator Startup Program 2023 in collaboration with Plug and Play Tech Center, a program that shines a spotlight on the future of sustainability. Together with nine start-ups, we are embarking on a 12-week journey dedicated to addressing the pressing challenges in sustainable energy, large buildings, infrastructure, climate adaptation, and water management.

Green transition News
COWI selected to advise on pioneering hydro-pumped storage project in Scotland - Cruachan 2

COWI, in collaboration with the Owner’s Engineer, Studio Pietrangeli, will provide consultancy services to support works in advance of the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) of the expansion of Drax’s existing pumped storage hydro-electric generation station located beneath Ben Cruachan in Argyll, Scotland.

About News
COWI's record-big order book

The green transition is not slowed down by inflation and higher costs of materials, which benefits COWI and its expertise in sustainable solutions. In the first six months of the year, COWI's business has grown organically by 12 per cent, and its record-big order book is approaching DKK 6 billion.

Quantum Computer inside Quantum Lab
Data centres News
Seven indicators on how the adoption of quantum computing will affect the data center industry

Quantum computing is a hot topic these days. And for good reason. Quantum computing, which to many is still a rather mystifying topic, shows unimaginable potential for transitioning our society into a new era. If used wisely, quantum computers might help us tackle problems that currently leave regular computers scratching their heads, like how to combat climate change.

Energy Island Vindo
Energy News
Is hydrogen production the answer to cutting billions for Energy Islands?

As part of the Danish climate agreement for energy and industry in June 2020, it was decided to build the world's first two Energy Islands in Denmark, which marked a groundbreaking step in the green transition.

Highway cars R_Hjortshoj - Koege Nord-13
Infrastructure News
Speed reduction does not cut it if we want to eliminate traffic noise

Road surfaces, noise screens and speed regulation are short-term solutions to problems with traffic noise. To eliminate traffic noise, we need to take a comprehensive approach and broaden our palette of solutions.

Father with a child near the water
Nature News
Let's put a figure on nature

The COP15 on biodiversity in December 2022 saw great excitement when the nations of the world agreed on global targets for nature and biodiversity for 2030. Targets that aim to slowdown the current dramatic loss of species and habitats across the globe. Following a couple of intense weeks in Montreal, Canada, 196 countries agreed on 23 targets, one of them being to restore 30 per cent of degraded ecosystems on land and sea by 2030. Also, the draft EU Nature Restoration Law states that binding restoration targets must be defined for at least 20 per cent of EU land and sea areas by 2030.

VIA University College in Denmark
Buildings News
More sustainability for your money in closer client-consultant collaboration

Sustainability is at the top of the agenda in the buildings and construction sectors. Tender requirements stipulating closer collaboration between parties on high-complexity projects are becoming more popular and can realise sustainability gains that would otherwise have been lost. These are the findings of COWI's screening of a range of large infrastructure contracts put out to tender.

COWI employee have conversation in London office
Digitalisation and technology News
AI could be the answer to one of the largest challenges of our time

Even though AI can automate parts of knowledge work, human competencies and specialties remain irreplaceable. So, AI should be seen as a revolutionary tool that frees up time for meaningful tasks and solves one of the largest challenges facing society.

Wind farm mills
Green Hydrogen & Green Fuels News
Quantum computers are the key to high-efficiency green energy

In the future, society will be powered by green electricity and production facilities will rely on wind and weather. Quantum computers can contribute to finding a solution that accommodates a varying electricity production as well as a both constant and increasing electricity consumption.

Teenagers playing basketball
Announcements News
Loan agreements linked to COWI's ESG performance

COWI has converted credit facilities for DKK 530 million in Danske Bank and Nordea into ESG-performance linked loan agreements.

Image illustrates a potential factory in Esbjerg.
Green Hydrogen & Green Fuels News
Huge step taken toward 1 GW hydrogen plant in Esbjerg

COWI supports world’s largest hydrogen factory to be by carrying out the front-end engineering design.

Woman with two girls hand in hand is running next to metro station
Metros News
New Copenhagen metro line with focus on sustainability

COWI-ARUP-JV announced as the consultant for the EIA, utility relocations and civil works design for new metro line.

People running in the park
Energy News
COWI makes strategic acquisition

COWI acquires Mannvit hf. in Iceland with 280 employees and a stronghold in green energy. As part of the COWI Group, the ambition is to strengthen Mannvit’s position as the leading consulting engineering company in Iceland and partner with Icelandic customers in developing a green energy hub for various industries. With the acquisition, COWI takes the next step towards realising its growth ambitions and reinforces the company’s leading position in the green transition.

Energy News
CIP foundation shows the way to unlock green hydrogen at massive scale

CIP Foundation has published a comprehensive roadmap for an integrated hydrogen infrastructure, connecting Denmark to key markets in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. COWI and Arkitema assisted with in-depth analysis and produced a video showcasing the most important findings of the new report.

people sitting in event
Data centres News
How do we transition the data center industry towards a net zero carbon future

Data centres are the backbone to much of our economic, commercial, and social lives. As more users and businesses go digital, and more advanced technologies using AI enter the market, the need for effective information processing is growing. And even though data centers still have a long way to go in terms of reaching carbon neutrality, many organisations work hard to change this. This week, the Danish data center industry gathered to celebrate those innovations, cutting-edge technologies, partnerships, projects, and teams that push the green agenda for data centers and inspire the rest of the industry.

Solar panels on the rooftop
Area and property development News
Establishing large industry buildings worldwide

Companies experience a growing need for establishing industrial facilities across geographies to keep pace with the rapidly evolving market demands and to keep growing their business. But what is the best approach to developing large industrial buildings considering the increasing market complexity, new environmental building regulations and macroeconomic trends influencing how we design and certify our large buildings today?

solar panels during sunset with a windmill in the horizon
Energy News
New platform optimizes the levelized cost of ehydrogen and efuels

Right now, there are more than 500 announced e-fuel projects in the world, but with a current Final Investment Decision (FID) passed rate of around only 5%, the number of projects expected to be realized is very low. Too many techno-economic parameters make FIDs risky. Last year, a new techno-economic modelling platform was introduced to the market to increase the rate of FID-passed projects and decrease the development cost. The platform takes 18 input parameters into consideration to determine the ideal system configuration for green fuel production with minimal levelized cost of fuel. The results enable decision makers to de-risk the project investment and develop the most technically and financially viable projects.

Road surounded by autumnal forest from above
Energy News
Green fuels are a no regret investment opportunity

“You can’t do anything wrong – as long as you do something!” That is the valuable piece of advice we get if we are going to perform lifesaving first aid. Something along the same lines applies if investors want to invest in green fuels. Even if it can be scary and uncertain and you have never tried it before.

offshore wind mill from up close
Climate change News
A record year for wind installations but we still have a way to go

Join us at the WindEurope Conference 25-27 April in Copenhagen to discuss the future of wind energy, and how we can shape a sustainable and liveable world together.

man is playing with a child in the forest
Energy News
Pre-feed phase completed for massive carbon capture facility in the UK

The Runcorn carbon capture and storage (CCS) project is one of the first energy-from-waste (EfW) facilities in the world to have the carbon capture technology fitted, set to remove 450,000 tonnes from the atmosphere annually.

District heating pipes with indicator
District heating and cooling News
Strong partnership to accelerate the greening of the heating supply in Tårnby

Connecting more households to the district heating system is vital to the green transition in heating. Local utility company Tårnby Forsyning is embarking on a large-scale expansion of the district heating system and COWI will provide assistance under a new framework agreement.

Woman with long hair working on a computer - IRLU
Data centres News
4 ways to make data centers more sustainable

We must reduce electricity use in data centers and implement more energy efficient solutions to cut CO₂-emissions. Here are four key actions that will help data centers become more sustainable in a future of increasing data usage.

Wind mill in the sea and USA flag
Climate change News
Energy outlook: what does the future hold for us?

The green energy market is booming in North America, not least because of the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act that is deployed in order to achieve the ambitious target of reducing CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030. We look into market opportunities and challenges that accompany the green transition.

Terrace near the water with people walking - visualisation from Arkitema
About News
COWI sets new growth record

Investments in sustainable solutions in energy, infrastructure and buildings accelerated in 2022, which was also reflected in COWI's record-high organic growth of 10.9 per cent.

Annual general meeting
About News
Notice of the annual general meeting 2023 of COWI Holding AS

The annual general meeting for COWI Holding A/S will be held on Wednesday 15 March 2023 at 15:30. The annual general meeting will be held in the canteen in Lyngby at COWI, Parallelvej 2, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark as well as online.

snowy train rails going downhill
Railways News
COWI and Pick Everard collaboration returns Cairngorm Funicular to service

COWI successfully collaborated with leading property, construction, and infrastructure consultancy Pick Everard to deliver the funicular’s return to operation for HIE and its subsidiary, operating company Cairngorm Mountain Scotland Limited.

offshore wind farm from above - wind mills in the sea
Wind energy News
COWI celebrates contract for Vattenfalls Norfolk Boreas offshore wind farm

COWI has been awarded a contract by Vattenfall for the oversight of the detailed design phase of the onshore cable installation for the Norfolk Boreas offshore wind farm.

Megaton project - Energipark building from above
Green transition News
Energy park to produce over 1 million tons of green fuels annually

The Danish greentech company GreenGo Energy is cooperating with Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality to develop a green energy park based on 4 GW of renewable hybrid solar and wind energy and a 2 GW electrolysis plant.

Marius Weydahl Berg in a black blazer smiling outside
About News
COWI appoints new member of its Executive Board

Marius Weydahl Berg has been promoted to Chief Business Development Officer and member of COWI's Executive Board. He comes from a position as Executive Vice President (EVP) of COWI's Norwegian business. Birgit Farstad Larsen is appointed new EVP of COWI in Norway.

Annual general meeting
About News
Annual general meeting 2023 of COWI Holding A/S – preliminary agenda

The annual general meeting for COWI Holding A/S will be held on Wednesday 15 March 2023 at 15:30.

People next to bar tables networking in an event - view from above
Sustainability News
Local partnerships matter

On 10 November Science City Lyngby celebrated its first 10 years as a powerful knowledge hub for innovation and growth. It shows that local partnerships matter – also when the ambition is to solve global challenges. 

London Array
Wind energy News
COWI to support Equinor's energy transition

COWI is awarded a multi-year service agreement by Equinor, focusing on support with offshore wind projects and low-carbon solutions.

Danida Sustainable Infrastructure Finance and COWI representatives in Kenya, Nigeria
Water News
Improving the life of 500 000 Kenyans

With funding provided by Danida Sustainable Infrastructure Finance a water supply and sanitation project is launched in the towns of Thika and Githunguri northeast of the capital of Kenya, Nairobi.

Coast cliff in Heatherhills from above
Climate change News

COWI has sent a delegation, where some will participate in a round-table discussion and panel debates, and everyone will meet with partners and customers to discuss the urgent measures needed to combat the climate crisis.

two men and a woman in a meeting
Sustainability News
COWI launches global pilot programme for start-ups offering sustainable solutions

COWI is launching a pilot programme that lets start-ups join forces with COWI's specialists and business developers to explore sustainable solutions.

Infrastructure News
Copenhagen Future Rail Network on the right track

It has been a year and a half since COWI won its biggest contract ever – the automation of Copenhagen’s train system, which will help set completely new standards for the future of automated rail networks. And now the project is taking off.

Winfarm worker climbing stairs
Wind energy News
COWI celebrates engineering contract for windfarm in Ireland

COWI, a leading international engineering consulting group, has been selected by Corio Generation as Pre-FEED Designer for the Sceirde Rocks development, which is an upto 450MW offshore wind power project. COWI will support Corio Generation in the early design of the foundations in preparation for an auction application for the offshore competition under the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (ORESS-1) in Ireland.

5 dewatering pipes with water running out of them
Water News
Securing water supply requires proper investment planning

COWI has delivered a comprehensive report on investment planning in the water and sanitation sector to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, which may serve as a valuable source of inspiration for decision makers.

sunset in an offshore wind farm
Wind energy News
COWI celebrates engineering contract with Statkraft for the proposed NISA offshore wind farm

COWI has been selected by Statkraft as owner’s engineer for the North Irish Sea Array (NISA) offshore wind farm. COWI will support Statkraft in preparing an auction application for the first offshore competition under the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (ORESS-1) in Ireland.

Wetlands view in Randers
Sustainability News
Climate protection in Randers

Randers Municipality has signed a contract with COWI in Denmark as the lead consultant for an initial phase in realising an extensive infrastructure project – the Climate Bridge (Klimabroen). The project forms part of, among other things, protecting the city against future flooding and establishing a new residential and business area along the harbour.

Houses next ot the water in Aalborg, Denmark
Water News
International water and urban development congress

COWI is a gold sponsor for the World Water Congress & Exhibition at Bella Center in Copenhagen, and we look forward to meeting with customers and partners in the coming days to discuss the importance of water for sustainable urban development.

Two construction workers with orange costumes in a tunnel
Tunnels News
COWI in the UK named Consulting Firm of the Year at Ground Engineering Awards

COWI's specialist geotechnical division was recognised for demonstrating outstanding achievement of clear business milestones between January 2021 and March 2022.

Lars-Peter Søbye and Jens Højgaard Christoffersen shaking hands
About News
Jens Højgaard Christoffersen new Group CEO of COWI

On 1 October, Jens Højgaard Christoffersen takes over as Group CEO of COWI, succeeding Lars-Peter Søbye, who has decided to step down.

windmills in the sea
About News
COWI delivers strong growth in H1 2022

Despite surging inflation and unpredictable market conditions, COWI manages to keep the momentum. The top line grew by DKK 300 million, and more than 300 people joined the company in the first half of the year. Despite severe market uncertainties, the positive trend is expected to continue for the rest of 2022.

Construction of the Third Avenue bridge in Minneapolis
Bridges Press release
Historic 3rd Avenue Bridge nears completion

COWI in North America is nearing completion of its rehabilitation work as the construction engineer for Ames Construction on the historic Third Avenue Bridge, located in Minneapolis, over the Mississippi River. The landmark structure carries road traffic across the Mississippi River and upper fringes of Saint Anthony Falls and can be considered a major access point for the U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings.

construction work drone shot of HS2 station at Euston
Infrastructure Press release
COWI wins HS2 Euston station utility works contract

COWI in the UK has won the detailed design package contract for utility works around the proposed HS2 station at Euston with construction partners Mace Dragados Joint Venture.

Padma bridge in Bangladesh from the side
Bridges Press release
COWI's Padma bridge project open for traffic in Bangladesh

COWI in the UK was appointed in 2007 by the Asian Development Bank to assist with the development of the project and subsequently by the Bangladesh Bridge Authority to undertake the Category III Independent Design Check of the bridge and associated river training works.

COWI helps rebuilt Ukraine - piping outside
Area and property development News
The reconstruction of Ukraine is in process

Large parts of the vital infrastructure in Ukraine are destroyed by the acts of war or considerably overloaded as a result of additional citizens since millions of people had to leave their homes. The Ukrainian government, local authorities and the financial institutions highly appreciate that COWI has stayed in the country to assist with the reconstruction which has already been initiated.

The great belt bridge view with a horison
Traffic and transportation planning News
COWI's guide to Tour de France

Come along and let’s take a look at some of the locations where COWI and Arkitema been involved in the design of infrastructure, buildings and urban development.

Digital building planning on  a laptop
LCA News
New LCA Platform measures and documents the environmental impact of projects

A new LCA Platform measures and documents the environmental impact of projects across all sectors, from buildings to bridges. And it all happens in real time from the very early design stages to final documentation and hand-over, operation, and maintenance.

Aske Nydam Guldberg in a tunnel
Waste and resources News
Aske Nydam Guldberg appointed 2nd runner up at EFCA Future Leaders competition

For the 13th year in a row, the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations has announced the top 3 of the Future Leaders awards. In COWI we're proud to present Aske Nydam Guldberg as the 2nd runner up of the prestigious title.

Train approaching station
Infrastructure News
After 10 years of work: Odense light rail is finally opening

From 28 May, passengers will be able to travel through the Danish city Odense on the new light rail. The light rail opens after more than ten years of preparation and seven years of construction work, where COWI, as technical consultant, has played a significant role.

Colleagues in a meeting
Energy News
New department offers early assistance to green investors in red-hot energy market

Vast political ambitions and a red-hot investor market have led COWI to establish a new department offering consultancy to investors, focusing on the preliminary phases of green energy projects.

H2OE CIP Arkitema COWI energy island
Energy News
BrintØ: A new vision to boost offshore wind and green hydrogen

Our close partner, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), has proposed to build an artificial island dedicated to large-scale production of green hydrogen from offshore wind. "BrintØ" (in English: “Hydrogen Island”) is to be located at Dogger Bankin the Danish part of the North Sea.

Electricity poles
Energy News
Electrification on the fast track

As part of a new framework agreement, Energinet has decided to have consultants perform a considerable part of its substation reinvestment projects. As one of the consultants awarded the framework agreement, COWI expects to start up the first projects before the summer break.

Karin Genemo in the office smiling
Industry Press release
COWI and Swedish Biofuels to build factories for sustainable aviation fuel production

Swedish Biofuels and COWI have partnered up to supply the Swedish market with 400,000 tonnes of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Swedish Biofuels bases its technology on the 'alcohol-to-jet' (ATJ) method, which paves the way for complete elimination of fossil aviation fuel.

Bridges News
The cebu–cordova link expressway opens for traffic

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte marks a special day by officially opening the 8.5km Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEx), which takes the position as the longest and tallest bridge in the Philippines.

Oakley C. Collins Memorial Bridge
Bridges News
COWI acquires award-winning FINLEY Engineering Group

COWI has entered into an agreement to acquire FINLEY Engineering Group, a firm recognized for its expertise in complex bridge projects. The acquisition is part of COWI's strategic focus on growing its presence in North America following the recent opening of its offices in Houston and Toronto.

Singapore’s new metro tunnel
Infrastructure News
From Tampines north to Defu station: Singapore gets a new metro line

Together with our client Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd, COWI is designing Singapore’s new metro. This is a significant win that cements COWI's position in Singapore, building on our delivery of the Deep Tunnel Sewer System, now nearing completion.

Textile waste - athletic wear
Industry News
RISE and COWI to develop a new process for use of sportswear and underwear made from blended and synthetic material

Every year, the EU citizens throw, on average, 11 kilos of textiles into the household rubbish which is subsequently burnt. Thus, the value of millions of tons of textiles literally goes up in flames every year. COWI and RISE are now developing a new method with the purpose of handling this resource.

Aalborg Portland from other side of the water - carbon capture project
Energy News
COWI and Danish Gas Technology Centre partner up on green gases

COWI and Danish Gas Technology Centre (DGC) are entering into a strategic partnership, which entails that the two consultants will involve each other in PtX and CCS projects, thereby boosting each other's position in the rapidly growing field.

 the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge
Bridges News
The world's longest suspension bridge opens for traffic

COWI has been the consultant for the design-build contractor DLSY joint venture consisting of Daelim, Limak, SK and Yapi Merkezi since the start of the project in the Spring of 2017. We have carried out detailed design of this challenging suspension bridge and have furthermore carried out construction engineering for the erection of the bridge girder.

Annual general meeting
About News
Notice of the annual general meeting 2022 of COWI Holding A/S

The annual general meeting for COWI Holding A/S will be held on Wednesday 30 March 2022 at 15:30. The annual general meeting will be held in the canteen in Lyngby at COWI, as well as online.

Esbjerg port from above
Energy News
Shaping the future in Esbjerg

Large-scale production of green alternatives for fertilizers and fuel, along with strong partnerships, will be vital success factors in the transition of these today fossil fuel reliant industries.

Toronto city panorama with skyline
About Press release
Canadian presence ramps up with new office in Toronto

We are excited to announce that COWI North America has opened a new office in Toronto, Ontario that will support our growing team and allow more comprehensive support for the North American market.

Woman pointing somewhere while holding a boy in hands
About News
Strong result in 2021 – order book close to DKK 5 billion

COWI's turnover in 2021 increased by DKK 129 million to DKK 6.569 billion. The order book almost reached DKK 5 billion. New growth strategy is to secure momentum in coming years.

Claire Cobden joining COWI as Chief Financial Officer
About Press release
Finance heavyweight appointed CFO for North America

Claire Cobden joins COWI as Chief Financial Officer, North America. Claire brings several years of senior leadership experience across multiple industries, including information systems engineering, financial services and gaming.

offshore wind turbines monopile
Wind energy Press release
Empire Wind project to boost NY renewables goals

Contracted by Empire Offshore Wind, a joint venture between Equinor and BP, COWI will deliver a turnkey design for the wind turbine foundations for the Empire Wind 1 and 2 projects off the coast of Long Island, New York.

River view from above
Water and natural resources management Press release
Landmark flood protection project gets go-ahead

COWI's preliminary design work is underway for the Fargo-Moorhead Area Diversion channel project in Fargo, North Dakota, as financial close for the project has been reached.

George Massey tunnel
Tunnels Press release
New 8-lane tunnel to relieve traffic bottlenecks

COWI has been awarded a CA$15 million Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure contract as the Owner's Engineer of an eight-lane immersed tunnel across British Columbia’s (BC) Fraser River, to relieve severe traffic bottlenecks and boost regional trade and transit by 2030.

annual general meeting
About News
Annual general meeting of COWI Holding A/S - preliminary agenda

The annual general meeting will be held on: Wednesday 30 March 2022 at 15:30. This year, the annual general meeting will be held in COWI's canteen in Lyngby as well as online.

Los Angeles viaduct construction
Sustainability News
COWI completes iconic Los Angeles viaduct milestone

COWI North America celebrates an engineering milestone on the new 6th Street Viaduct construction in Los Angeles following the successful hanger installation of the first span out of 10 spans of the new viaduct.

Gothenburg's new central station being built
Infrastructure News
Detailed design delivered for Gothenburg's new Central Station

The new station will markedly increase the region’s rail capacity, and provide rail users with greater freedom and comfort. Alongside the complexities that come with designing an underground station in the heart of a big city, the soft Gothenburg clay added an extra challenge, as structures can settle by more than a metre if no preventative measures are taken.

Woman in a grass field
Sustainability News
COWI turns down all fossil fuel projects

As the first among peers, international engineering company COWI aims to transform its business and reach 100 per cent revenue within sustainability-related projects in three to five years' time.

Glasgow view
Sustainability News
Removing the roadblocks to net zero transport

We need to mirror our response to COVID-19 and treat climate change as an equivalent threat. Decarbonising transport will require an unparalleled effort uniting industry, government and academia. Andy Sloan, Managing Director for COWI, and Emma Hopkins OBE, British Ambassador to Denmark at the British Embassy in Copenhagen write about the conclusions from a recent roundtable of UK and Danish industry leaders.

Binley Junction Upgrade in the United Kingdom
Roads and Highways Press release
COWI Achieves Major Milestone on A46 Binley Junction Upgrade

National Highways and its design and construction team consisting of COWI in the UK, which has been appointed as a supplier to Osborne Infrastructure, marked a significant milestone over the weekend of 11/12 December with the installation of the steel beams for the 135m-long A46 Binley viaduct.