Aske Nydam Guldberg appointed 2nd runner up at EFCA Future Leaders competition


For the 13th year in a row, the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations has announced the top 3 of the Future Leaders awards. In COWI we're proud to present Aske Nydam Guldberg as the 2nd runner up of the prestigious title. 

Out of 16 entries of consulting engineers from all over Europe, project manager Aske Nydam Guldberg came in 3rd at the EFCA Future Leaders Award for his work on waste management in circular economy. Highlighted in his nomination was the development of a digital tool for PARCK, the Partnership for Circular Municipalities in the capital area of Denmark. 

The purpose of the digital tool is to substantiate the environmental inspection performed by the municipalities of companies that produce waste by comparing knowledge on the effects of climate change by recycling waste with prices from waste collectors. This provides the companies with a current assessment of the options that is easy to understand and market based, which can be handed out to the companies, including information on the climate-related profit of sorting as well as the economic consequences.

Being one of the Future Leaders of consulting engineers in Europe is a big acknowledgement of Aske and his work: "It's crazy being recognised as one of the three best consulting engineers in Europe right now, because we have so many talents in the industry. I'm extremely grateful for the recognition of my work by the jury that has a huge insight in the industry", says Aske Nydam Guldberg. 

Executive Vice Present for COWI in Denmark, Henrik Winther, is glad to see the recognition of the young talents in the industry: "The young engineers have a great insight in the future solutions when it comes to the green transition, because it has been a top priority for them during their education and early career. That's why it's important for associations like the EFCA to acknowledge the future leaders of our industry, and I'm extremely proud to see Aske being acknowledge for his great work in COWI", says Henrik Winther. 


Aske is already well known in COWI for his work with waste management and circular economy, as he was recently featured in our Ingenørd campaign as the circular economy nerd. When asked about his aspirations for the future, there's no doubt that circular economy has a special place in his heart: "My goal is that when I retire, we will live in a circular economy that I have made a contribution to. On the short-term basis, I would like to see a clear definition of high-quality recycling as a part of the circular economy, as there are no clear definitions within the industry right now." 

Besides being a waste management expert in COWI, Aske also share his knowledge as Vice President in the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) as well as being the spokesperson on waste management and circular economy in IDA.


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