Photo: Arkitema Architects and Lars Just (Photographer)

Together with our customers we aim to create places where the environments enhance liveability and quality of life.  

Aesthetics and engineering need to go hand in hand. Through a close partnership between our engineers and architects, we ensure that all elements - from electrical and mechanical installation, over daylight, indoor climate and energy efficiency, to fire safety and climate adaptation etc. - are gathered in integrated digital models and considered from day one. That way, everyone in the team can now follow the same schedules and share any relevant information, throughout the process.

Our integrated design approach makes it easier for both the project team and our customers, to make the right decisions early on. This allows us to increase quality in all project phases from planning to realisation and maintenance, and deliver high-quality integrated solution at competitive prices. 

Our expertise comprises:

  • Hospitals
  • Housing
  • Educational projects
  • Domiciles
  • Urban Design
  • Culture projects
  • Laboratories
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Historic- and protected buildings

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