The administrative hub for Danish government agencies

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Nexus Cph is the administrative hub for Rail Net Denmark, the Danish Transport Authority, the Danish Road Directorate and the Danish Energy Agency. The building is positioned as a visual signpost at the entrance to central Copenhagen. It is one of the largest and most conspicuous complexes on Kalvebod Brygge Vest, both for drivers on Kalvebod Brygge and people entering and leaving Copenhagen by train.

To provide for an efficient, productive and attractive workplace, Nexus Cph offers various architectural environments. A person’s workplace needs and type of work activities change over the course of the day, and the architecture is adapted to these changing needs, providing a setting for both team-based and individual working. There should also be space for informal meetings and creative zones. As a unifying element for the Nexus building, the ground floor serves as a base that draws the whole complex together. It houses all of the shared functions including a canteen, café, meeting and training centre and a service facility. The reception desk also acts as a focal point.




PPP: Client: Danish Building and Property Agency, Operator: A. Enggaard

Arkitema provided architectural and landscaping consultancy, took part in user workshops and worked on the artistic decor. Arkitema used BIM for the project design and produced 3D models of both the building and the landscaping project.

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