Innovating with start-ups - Co-Creator Startup program 2023 kicks off


For the second consecutive year, we are happy to kick off the Co-Creator Startup Program 2023 in collaboration with Plug and Play Tech Center, a program that shines a spotlight on the future of sustainability. Together with nine start-ups, we are embarking on a 12-week journey dedicated to addressing the pressing challenges in sustainable energy, large buildings, infrastructure, climate adaptation, and water management.

Our shared mission is to forge a path toward a greener, more resilient future by nurturing innovation, fostering collaboration, and driving sustainable change. 

Handpicked from a pool of visionary thinkers, disruptors, and innovative startups, we would like to introduce the 9 exceptional pioneers who will support the change in shaping a more sustainable world. These startups have been selected for their remarkable ideas and commitment to solving some of the most complex challenges that we and our customers are facing.

From unlocking the secrets of carbon capture and storage to harnessing the boundless potential of hydrogen transportation, from nurturing biodiversity to redefining life-prolonging asset management, these startups are charting a course toward supporting a brighter, greener tomorrow.

The startups are ready to embark on a 12-week journey of discovery and innovation. It's a journey where collaboration, exploration, and audacious thinking converge to lay the foundation for a sustainable future.

It all culminates in the EXPO day on 8 November—a day of revelation, celebration, and knowledge-sharing. After 12 weeks of intense dedication, the startups together our own teams will unveil their findings, results, and transformative breakthroughs.

Meet the startups of the COWI Co-Creator Program

CEKO Sensors 

CEKO’s all-optical monitoring solutions are made for applications in harsh environments. They provide continuous monitoring of high voltage assets, maximize production of wind turbines through blade optimization and help to digitize assets in the  renewable energy industry. >>


Gentian designs innovative ways to carry out ecological surveys. It specializes in the use of remote sensing data and satellite imagery combined with advanced machine learning to detect and characterize vegetation in both urban and rural environments. They provide an accessible and cyber secure architecture on a single platform to monitor the current state and potential for nature to contribute to climate resilience, especially related to the water cycle. >>

HSL Technologies 

HSL Technologies developed an innovative solution to facilitate hydrogen transportation and storage, by charging and releasing hydrogen in a unique liquid carrier. Hydrogen is charged into HydroSil, a liquid silicon hydride derivative, which is stable, non-toxic, non-explosive, has a long storage-life and is considered a non-hazardous good. Then, the gas is released on-demand and without any energy input at the consumption site. >>


Madaster offers a platform which is designed as a public, online library of materials in the built environment to support circularity. The Madaster platform facilitates registration, organization, storage, and exchange of data. Registering every component provides insight, for example, into the degree to which an object can be dismantled, embodied carbon, or the toxicity of the materials and products used. >>


ParaPy is a software platform to accelerate design engineering processes and thereby save time, cost and improve product quality. For this, it enables engineers to quickly build applications that automate routine tasks. Whether it’s geometry modeling, simulation, data analysis, or reporting, our rich Python SDK provides the libraries for it. Then, with the click of button, you can deploy your application as a beautiful web app in the collaborative ParaPy Cloud environment. >>


Removr is industrialing direct air capture to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Removr’s safe and sustainable DAC technology is based on GreenCap patented technology which has been proven through four small-scale pilots since 2016. After piloting the technology in Norway, they will build commercial pilots in Iceland and scale to megaton scale in the US before 2030. >>

SHM Next

SHM Next delivers scalable sensor systems for predictive maintenance of infrastructures and provides a range of wireless technologies for health monitoring and digital twinning of steel and concrete structures. Their sensor systems are scalable and cost-effective, provide quantitative information about damage existence/location/severity, and offer high sensitivity to small damage growth. >>


Spoor helps wind farm developers and operators to stay compliant by use of advanced video analytics including bird detection, species identification, continuous monitoring, collision detection, and 3D localization of birds. By using the AI-based software, customers can reduce project risks before and after construction with more complete data to facilitate nature coexistence. >>


WaterWebTools comprise a collection of digital solutions, which enable real-time insights and hydrological and water quality forecasting. The tools target a worldwide market, and are relevant for water users, managers and decision-makers within state agencies, municipalities, utilities and the agricultural sector, as well as the insurance and consulting industries. >>

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