COWI Belgium Awarded New EU Framework Contract

The European Commission has chosen the COWI Belgium led consortium on the following new Framework Contract: Economic and Technical Assistance in the fields of Energy and Mobility and Transport.

The purpose of the multiple FWC is to provide at short notice the Commission with highly qualified external expertise as support in the design, preparation and implementation of policies, initiatives, and legislative proposals.
The tasks covered by this FWC shall consist of economic (including financial) and technical assistance in the field of energy and transport policies.

Lot 2 Economic assistance in the field of energy

  • COWI Belgium (BE) is leading the consortium that will provide expertise for the following types of services:
  • Economic analysis of the energy markets, including questions relating to market access, market monitoring, market integration, and organization;
  • Analysis, assessment, and monitoring of the economic and financial situation of companies and organizations active in the energy sector;
  • Studies and analysis of policies related to technology development and deployment, economic performance and contribution to the key energy policy objectives of competitiveness and sustainability;
  • Assistance concerning the liberalization of the energy market and related questions: elaboration of economic parameters such as the use of natural gas and charging, and liberalization indicators;
  • Design of projects relating to the security of energy supply and related questions, to the management of the demand for conventional energy sources, to the development and funding of the various renewable energy sectors; study of the relevant geopolitical, economic and commercial aspects of the international trade and energy trade between the EU and third countries;

Lot 3 Technical assistance in the field of energy

COWI Belgium (BE) leads the consortium that will provide expertise for the following types of services:

  • Technical assistance with the implementation of measures aimed at improving the operation of the internal market in energy;
  • Technical assistance with the implementation of the “Energy Framework Programme” and the clustering and progressing of projects and other types of measures, including the Local and Regional Energy Management Agencies and Intelligent Energy Europe;
  • Assistance with the technical progress of contracts under the specific programme for “Non-nuclear Energy”;
  • Assistance with regard to environmental, safety and standardization questions relating to energy demand management and efficiency technologies, and the application and market penetration of such technologies;
  • Technical assistance to support the implementation of Energy Dialogues with Third Countries and the external aspects of the EU internal energy market;
  • Technical assistance on measures in the field of energy and protection of the environment;

Lot 5 Economic assistance in the field of mobility and transport

COWI Belgium (BE) leads the consortium that will provide expertise for the following types of services:

  • Studies and analysis, including the social, regulatory and fiscal aspects, relating to a specific mobility and transport sector, comprising questions relating to market liberalization with regard to the freedom of establishment of companies and the freedom and the capacity to provide services;
  • Economic/Statistical analyses and market studies relating to transport networks and infrastructures in general and specific projects such as feasibility studies, financial assessment of investments, cost-benefit analysis, congestion management, and infrastructure charging and taxation schemes;
  • Development of systems, including IT systems, for forecasting socio-economic developments in the energy or transport sectors, energy and transport systems modeling, aid for the formulation of policy strategies, identification of priorities and subjects requiring harmonization;
  • Analysis of the cost and benefits resulting from proposed regulatory measures in the domain of mobility and transport; 
  • Analysis of socio-economic and sector-specific dimensions of freight transport logistics;
  • Analysis of Private Public Partnerships in the domains of energy and transport (infrastructure), including analyses based on Eurostat data.

Lot 6 Technical assistance in the field of mobility and transport

COWI Belgium (BE) leads the consortium that will provide expertise for the following types of services:

  • Technical assistance with the progress of studies under way, investment and infrastructure projects carried out in the context of the energy and transport “TENs”, Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and projects of common interest (PCI) (infrastructure plans and congestion indicators) including technical assistance for market monitoring activities and studies;
  • Provision of expertise and related technical and logistical support for assistance to third countries in the field of aviation;
  • Technical assistance with regard to transport, and in particular, inland transport, aviation, maritime transport, intelligent transport systems and satellite navigation systems;
  • Technical assistance in the area of freight transport logistics, including assistance in the management of the bottleneck notification scheme and other activities emanating from the Logistics Action Plan;
  • Data collection and databases, putting in place platforms for data exchange or platforms or web portals for sharing and communicating the necessary information, e.g. best practices on the field of transport, e.g. the stakeholder platforms;

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