COWI expands in the USA to meet market boom in offshore wind farms


COWI increases its presence in the USA significantly, e.g. for the consultancy contract with Vineyard Wind in Massachusetts – the first major US offshore wind energy project. The project is part of a masterplan to construct 10 GW offshore wind farms.

The next seven years will see 10 GW offshore wind farms be developed on the northern East Coast – including Massachusetts, New York State, Connecticut, New Jersey and Maryland.

The first major offshore wind farm project is the Vineyard Wind project, which in phase 1 will generate 800 MW for Massachusetts. Vineyard Wind awarded COWI the consultancy contract for parts of the project.

Consequently, COWI is expanding its competencies in Boston by extending its current premises and increasing the staff. 

The extension aims to support the Vineyard Wind project and to meet the demand for renewable energy on the US market. COWI expects to increase the staff from the current two employees at the Boston office to expected 80 -100 specialists within wind energy within approx. 3 years.

"We're well positioned to meet the demand, thanks to the competencies that we've built in Denmark for the past 20 years. Now, we go where the market and our customers are. To that end, we're building competencies and adding new staff to our Boston office, which boasts a central location in terms of existing and future projects," says Jan Behrendt Ibsø, VP of Wind Energy and Renewables with COWI.

About Vineyard Wind

The 650 m² project site is located 23 km off the coast. It is named after the famous island of Martha's Vineyard, which is located close to the site.

When finalised, the offshore wind farm is expected to cover the energy supply of more than 400,000 households and cut annual CO₂ emissions by 1.6 million tonnes. CIP owns half the project and acts as project manager, and Avangrid owns the other half.

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