Urban area development in the City of Copenhagen


Copenhagen is seeing huge changes these years. Each year, the Danish capital gains more than 10,000 new inhabitants, which increases the demand for housing, businesses, institutions and green spaces.

The City of Copenhagen is an active party to this development as the authority and the owner of the municipally owned areas to be developed. For many years, COWI has assisted the city with development of and consultancy on planning aspects, climate-proofing measures, urban nature, traffic, soil conditions, and a wide range of planning, building, engineering and financial studies.

Under the recently landed framework agreement on urban strategic consultancy for the Finance Administration, joining forces with CFBO and Cushman & Wakefield | RED for the next four years, COWI will work intensively to ensure that the municipal area development projects in the Danish capital are managed in the best possible way.


Karin Thuesen Pedersen, Urban Development Director in COWI, says:

”We’re thrilled to work together with the City of Copenhagen to develop a sustainable and internationally attractive city. Developing tomorrow’s cities is one of our key priority areas in COWI. For such projects, we need to plan and think across disciplines and phases, while staying on top of details and the overall picture at the same time. It allows us to innovate and set new standards for sustainable urban development.”

The many aspects that need to form a synthesis include information about potential contamination; knowledge about groundwater level; how traffic is managed; how much we can build; what it can sell for; where green areas should be located; and how to handle cloudbursts.


The framework agreement with the Centre of Urban Development (BCU) and Københavns Ejendomme og Indkøb (KEID) lets COWI contribute at a very early stage – before local planning processes commence and well before construction and building works kick off. In this way, COWI's knowledge is utilised to the full.

”We’ve set a strong expert team, which previously assisted the City of Copenhagen in realising other assignments related to the development of the city’s buildings and areas. We bring very deep and broad technical competencies to the table, and urban development is an interdisciplinary process that calls for the multidisciplinary approach and 360-degree mindset that characterise how we work,” says Karin Thuesen Pedersen.

COWI will stand surety for obtaining the necessary knowledge about, e.g., supply need and geotechnical conditions, and for developing a framework that safeguards sustainable and well thought out development to make sure that Copenhagen remains one of the best cities in the world to live and travel in.

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