COWI Try is our summer job programme for engineering and urban planning students in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

This year, we invite 40 students to spend the summer with us. See the open vacancies in Denmark below. The open vacancies in Sweden will be posted in March.

The COWI Try programme is a unique opportunity for some of the brightest young minds to try out life in an international engineering company. Over the summer, we share ideas and knowledge while designing solutions for tomorrow’s sustainable societies. You will get valuable experience working on our ambitious projects, and to ensure that you extend your personal and professional skills as far as possible, you are given a personal mentor to guide you throughout the programme.

Meet Andrea, last year's COWI Try participant


  • COWI Try is our summer job programme for students. In Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom, the programme runs from mid-June 2020 to 11th of August. In Denmark, from 29 June to 11th of August 2020.
  • The summer job is paid.
  • You will spend 70 per cent of your time in the business working on one of our current projects.
  • You will spend 30 per cent of your time working on the COWI Try Innovation project, devising inventive solutions along with your team.
  • You will be appointed a mentor who will help you with tasks and answer your questions.


When you are not gaining hands-on experience in our business, you will take part in our global COWI Try Innovation Project. Along with your team, you will work across borders and disciplines to develop creative new solutions for one of our prestigious projects. This will boost your project management and collaboration skills, and add valuable connections to your network that can last you a lifetime.

In 2019, the COWI Try participants developed solutions for the industrial area Holmene, which is predicted to be one of the biggest, greenest and most innovative in Northern Europe. The participants worked among other things with concepts for sustainable construction, climate protection, resource utilization and green energy production.

"COWI Try is a unique opportunity to work with the leading technologies within smart and green technology. During the summer I got great insights to the latest developments within my field. But the best thing about COWI Try was to see how the other disciplines within engineering are targeting the challenges of the future."
Oda Kristine Grifftun, Oslo Energy & Environment studies within Structural Engineering and Building Technology on Oslomet