Jónína de la Rosa

Jónína de la Rosa, Architect and Lighting Designer 
Field of expertise: electrical systems 

"When I started working within the engineering field, I gained a completely different perspective on the profession," explains Jónína, who holds a degree in architecture and lighting design and has been working in the latter field since 2015. She joined the company two years ago and currently works as a lighting designer in the field of electrical systems. "I have a quite diverse background, including fine arts, photography, lighting design and architecture," says Jónína, who has a keen eye for the creative aspects of engineering. 

Creating space for professional development 

Jónína recently completed her master's degree in light and lighting from the University College of London. "After several years in the field, I wanted to expand my knowledge in this area. While I've always had a good eye for design, the job is highly technical, and I needed a better foundation. I've always received significant support from colleagues and supervisors. Having the space to evolve in my career and opportunities to gain additional knowledge alongside work are very important. Lighting design involves much more engineering and physics than one might expect, and I’ve been surprised by many things, but I work with excellent people, and everyone is willing to guide and share knowledge, which is very valuable." 

Projects influencing people's quality of life 

Within the company, specialised lighting designers, architects and electrical engineers work together to enhance visual experiences, spatial awareness and, most importantly, people's quality of life.

Right now, I’m working on projects related to street and industrial lighting and daylight calculations. I find it very interesting, and there's a unique interface with architecture that wasn't emphasised as much in the past. 

"Daylight calculations and lighting are considered crucial elements when it comes to health and general well-being. Lighting technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and I believe daylight calculations will play a more prominent role in the design process in the future, as research has highlighted the importance of daylight in people's quality of life and as part of a holistic environment."

It is precisely this technical aspect that I find so fascinating about the projects. They are challenging and exciting at the same time, and with each project, I gain more confidence." 

A people-first culture 

Jónína describes the work environment as exceptionally positive and emphasises the importance of the human factor within the company. "We are given a lot of trust, the workplace is vibrant, the atmosphere is good and flexibility is high. When I started, I immediately noticed how well the company values its principles and stands by them. I’m excited to get to know my new colleagues in COWI and leverage the extensive expertise of the team."