Join us on a tour of some of the fantastic tools INGENØRDs use in their work. If you know what they are, you are probably an INGENØRD like us.

*INGENØRD [enɕəˈnɶɐ̯ˀd]: An honorary title for people who enjoy immersing themselves in professional or personal passions, a trait that can generate a never-ending train of thought or result in constant attempts to discover connections and solve problems – which often leads to heated conversations with other 'ingenørds'. Often, but not necessarily, they have a degree in engineering.

If you know what this is… You’re probably an INGENØRD

the batlogger

This nifty gizmo records ultrasonic audio to detect and, to some extent, determine the species of bats. Denmark is the proud home of 17 different bat species. Three species are endangered, and the remaining are near threatened.  mapping bat colonies and including what measures you will take to protect them before, during and after construction are must-haves in all environmental impact assessments (EIAs) That makes a batlogger and a 'Batman' (among friends) indispensable when planning large construction projects.