The Baltic Pipe will secure the gas supply in Eastern Europe

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The Baltic Pipe project is one of the largest energy projects on the drawing board in Denmark aiming to increase the gas capacity, create more competition in the European gas market and ensure the gas supply in East Europe. The projects are driven by Danish Energinet and Polish Gaz System S.A. A 950 km long gas pipeline will provide direct access to Norway's gas fields by connecting Denmark and Poland.

The new gas pipes will run from the existing Europipe II pipeline in the North Sea across Jutland, Funen and Zealand, and further across The Baltic Sea to Poland.┬┤The project will create an increased capacity of 10 billion cubic metres of gas per year. In comparison, the total Danish gas consumption was 2.5 billion cubic metres in 2016. In Denmark, it will result in lower rates and gas bills for the Danish gas consumers, while entailing a more solid gas system with several supply routes.

The project is divided into eight subprojects, of which COWI is assigned to be the main consultant on two subprojects: the gas transmission pipeline Zealand and the gas receiving terminal at Nybro by Varde. Moreover, COWI is sub-consultant to Norwegian IKM on the offshore pipeline in the North Sea, approx. 110 km from Europipe II to the Danish west coast.



  • Zealand
  • Nybro by Varde


Danish Energinet and Polish Gaz System S.A.


Pipeline project, Zealand:

  • Field reconnaissance and pipeline alignment
  • Hydrogeological and geotechnical investigations
  • Detailed pipeline design
  • Tender specifications for pipeline materials and equipment
  • HSE assessments
  • Pipeline tender package preparation
  • Participation in the tendering phase

Gas Receiving Terminal, Nybro by Varde

  • Scanning of existing facilities 
  •  Process and detailed engineering 
  •  Risk analyses and reduction measures
  •  Documentation for authority applications 
  •  3-D modelling
  •  Plan for commissioning of offshore pipeline
  •  Project planning 
  •  Tender packages

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