E-Fuels Egypt & E-Fuels Spain – a gamechanger for greener global shipping

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Every year, the global shipping industry emits over 1 billion tonnes of CO₂ – equal to 3% of all greenhouse gas emissions. This is about to change as several of the most prominent players in this sector are setting ambitious goals to decarbonise their fleets. 
This includes A.P Møller Holding, parent company to the world’s largest container shipping company, Mærsk, who plan to be a net zero emissions business by 2040. To achieve this, new green fuels are required, in vast quantities.  
A.P Møller Holding have established a daughter company, C2X, to develop large-scale green fuel production facilities around the world. The fuels produced by C2X will supply both Maersk and other shipping companies looking to decarbonise. Already, a new fleet of 25 e-methanol powered vessels are under construction for Maersk, due to be fully operational by 2027. 
C2X have identified Egypt and Spain, both major transit points on the global shipping highway, as ideal locations for the first of their e-methanol production plants. COWI has been contracted to perform the pre-feasibility studies for two e-methanol facilities and their associated value chains. The first, located near the Suez Canal, will have a capacity of up to 1 Mtpa of e-methanol production. The second facility will be located at the port of Huelva in Andalusia.   
Establishing a complete value chain of such scale in a brand-new field of engineering is no easy task, and requires an unprecedented level of collaboration across more than 20 disciplines. Wind and solar projects, transmission lines, green hydrogen electrolysis, biogenic carbon sourcing, carbon capture, fuel synthesis, fuel storage, port facilities and more must all fit seamlessly together in one master operation, while meeting stringent environmental, certification, risk and safety standards.  
The work carried out under the E-Fuels Egypt & Spain projects will act as a pilot for further C2X developments around the world, with the end goal of supplying a Mærsk fleet running entirely on green fuels, and kickstarting the decarbonisation of the global shipping industry.  


Egypt and Spain

2022 – ongoing



  • Pre-feasibility study
  • Concept selection
  • Screening and site selection

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