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For a private investor, COWI has developed and delivered a sustainability strategy with an overall framework for the vision and ambition for the renovation of all buildings in a large renovation project in central Copenhagen. A project with a significant focus on architecture and cultural heritage in preservation-worthy buildings.

The sustainability strategy supported the investor’s overall corporate ESG (environment, social and governance) strategy, which was the marker for the project's non-financial results, strategies and policies, in connection with the renovation of the 50,000 m² building.

The sustainability strategy outlined the potential for making a real difference through sustainable project management and specified how priority sustainability issues were to be integrated throughout the project. It integrated the positive impact of the vision in relation to the UN's sustainable development goals (SDG) and made contributions transparent and visible.

The renovation and transformation project contained data that was actively used for the investor’s ESG reporting, such as CO₂ reduction, recycling or upcycling of materials, use of energy and waste reductions at the construction site, which were reported together with the criteria from the EU Taxonomy.



January 2022 - February 2023



  • Sustainability management
  • ESG reporting

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