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Borgarlína bus rapid transit (BRT) system

Infrastructure Solutions

Reykjavik is developing rapidly, seeing fast growth in both population and tourism, and as a result, the city is struggling with congestion and lower air quality. To increase the share of public transit, Reykjavik Municipality is constructing a bus rapid transit (BRT) system to relieve the innercity traffic and environment. 

In the future, people will move around Reykjavik faster and at higher convenience than they can today. On the new Borgarlínan (city line), a bus rapid transit (BRT) system will transport passengers around the inner city in electric buses at a high frequency. The buses will primarily operate in dedicated lanes with priority at intersections, enhancing both reliability and efficiency, making public transport a more appealing option and contributing to a healthier and cleaner city. 

Borgarlínan is part of a comprehensive public transportation solution that also involves investments in infrastructure and increased emphasis on efficient transportation. The BRT will contribute to a high-quality public transportation system for the entire capital area, with connecting buses coming from neighbouring municipalities. The BRT system will help create a competitive and environmentally friendly alternative to cars, offering significantly improved service, increased frequency, faster travel times, and enhanced accessibility and integration with public transport and urban planning, which lets people travel between locations more effectively. 

As part of the project, Reykjavik Municipality has developed an extensive new transportation model for the capital region together with COWI, taking into account different travel modes, analysing and predicting car traffic, cyclists and Borgarlínan passenger volumes. The model is used for climate impact calculations and for understanding the impact of changes in urban planning and travel patterns in the future. 

The consulting team on the project consists of COWI and Arup. Together, we will support Reykjavik Municipality in key areas, from the preparation of the pre-design to hand-over after construction. Combined, we have extensive experience in the preparation, organisation and implementation of similar projects in Denmark, Norway and the UK.  


Reykjavik, Iceland


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  • Project management 
  • Project control, including cost control, progress control and planning
  • Quality management, risk assessment, change management and procurement
  • Design process management
  • Preparation of and follow-up on communication and consultation plans
  • Support services 
  • Management during the construction period
  • Testing and commissioning assistance