Analysis of aerial video data can improve traffic safety

A new software - Data From Sky - based on drone footage can improve design, safety and traffic flow.


Data From Sky is a specialized solution for automatic analysis of traffic activity in aerial videos and developed by Czech company, RCE Systems, with COWI as a key business partner.

“The software brings new possibilities by virtue of its fully automatic calculation of a wide range of traffic parameters, such as speed, density and gate counting,” says Jonas Hammershøj Olesen, Project Director at COWI. 

500 hours of surveying

The software was discovered at an early stage, when RCE Systems were not sure how to unleash its full potential.

“Since we work with traffic surveys, we thought it could be a good match, and it was," says Jonas Hammershøj Olesen.

So far, the software has performed 500 hours of surveying.

"The quality is very high. With the data we already have, we´re soon able to predict something more general about traffic behaviour. This know-how will be useful for detailed planning in future projects," Jonas Hammershøj Olesen adds.


Busy morning at Christmas Møllers Plads in Copenhagen. The data extracted here forms the basis for a new and better traffic solutions in cities. See drone shots from COWI on Vimeo.

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