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If Denmark is to meet the climate target by 2030, the necessary physical infrastructure to connect the green transition in practice must fall into place as well.

The ambition is that all parts of society run on green electricity in the future. This can happen through direct electrification as oil, coal and natural gasses are replaced by renewable alternatives, such as solar power and wind, or through indirect electrification, where green electricity is converted into sustainable fuels for trucks, aeroplanes and ships etc. by using power-to-x pathways such as electrolysis and green fuel production. 

Such a transition sets large requirements for the electrical system, which must be capable of handling large amounts of green electricity. At the same time, this will result in a significant need for construction of new piping systems that can transport green gasses and CO₂ across the country.

Together with Dansk Gasteknisk Center (DGC), Semco Maritime, Norwegian IKM, German TÜV, and TAUW in the Netherlands, COWI will assist Energinet in realising this task. COWI has won the leading position in Energinet's Green Deal tender with a total value of several hundred million Danish kroner.

Part of the agreement is that COWI must identify the technical design and solutions for the handling of green gasses, including both onshore and offshore installations such as potential hydrogen pipelines to Germany and connections to the planned Energy Island in the North Sea.

It has been an exciting tender process, and my colleagues and I are looking forward to initiating the task for Energinet. Together with our partners, we have a unique opportunity to create an essential part of the foundation for the green transition here and connect Denmark to the green future of Europe.
Jens Bjørnmose Senior Director for the green transition in COWI's energy division 
Jens Bjørnmose concludes that COWI will need more new employees as a result of the new agreement.

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