Expert consortium develops carbon-neutral fuel for sustainable transport


The Power-to-Fuel project, led by Liquid Wind, will establish commercial-scale renewable fuel facilities. The consortium (consisting of Axpo, COWI, Carbon Clean Solutions, Haldor Topsoe, Nel Hydrogen and Siemens) will combine its expertise and technology to produce liquid, carbon-neutral fuel from captured carbon dioxide (CCU) and green hydrogen (from renewable electricity). As an alternative to fossil-based fuel, this new fuel will play a significant role in reducing carbon emissions.

The fuel, called eMethanol, will be commercially available from 2023. The project is partly financed by a EUR 1.7 million investment from EIT InnoEnergy, and is a significant milestone in meeting the growing demand for renewable fuels. Sweden is to cut carbon emissions in the transport sector by 70 per cent by 2030. In the marine sector, the international target is 50 per cent by 2050.

Six facilities across Scandinavia

Liquid Wind and the consortium intend to develop six facilities across Scandinavia by 2030. Then, the concept will be licensed and implemented internationally. The consortium is now designing the technology integration for the first facility, which will be located in Sweden, and expects to be supplying eMethanol from 2023.

“This will be the first facility of its scale in Scandinavia and an important step towards the use of climate-neutral fuels based on renewable feedstocks, which will contribute to the green transition in transport and industry. The consortium numbers top industry players and we are excited to contribute COWI's long history and competencies in industrial projects, covering feasibility studies to handover of the final facility,” says Stefan Mattsson, Vice President, Process and Project with COWI in Sweden.

COWI is responsible for project management, permit management as well integration of the facility in collaboration with the consortium.

Each facility will produce 45,000 tonnes of carbon-neutral fuel per year, enabling a reduction of 90,000 tonnes of CO₂. The consortium collaboration will result in a standardised blueprint for an eMethanol production facility, which will be easy to replicate.

About Liquid Wind

Liquid Wind is a Circular Carbon Energy Company striving for a cooler world. From Gothenburg, Sweden, the emerging Company will develop, finance, build and manage replicable eMethanol facilities to accelerate the transition to carbon neutral transportation and industry.

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