Accelerating the green transition internationally

Energy Solutions

More than 40 years ago, Denmark began transforming its energy system from black to green. The many years of green transition today makes Denmark a world leader in green energy systems. In 2019 half of Denmark´s electricity was generated by wind and solar power. Through the Danish Energy Partnership Programme (DEPP), 16 partner countries, accounting for 53% of the World's population, can benefit from the experience Danmark has gained in transforming its energy systems.

The Danish Energy Partnership Programme is now entering its third phase (DEPP III) and continues to share Danish expertise and know-how with partner countries who aim to combine the transition to a low carbon economy with economic growth.

Through the five framework contracts we will deliver technical assistance and additional support to the partner countries on behalf of the Danish authorities and help drive the acceleration of the green transition internationally.


16 Partner countries, including China, Mexico, Vietnam and South Africa


The Danish Energy Agency 


  • Renewable energy integration Knowledge about renewable power generation and distribution as well as forecasts and regulatory consulting.
  • Climate change mitigation planning and modelling GHG-emissions scenarios and models, cost-benefit analysis, and investment planning.
  • Energy planning and modelling Action plans for the integration and effectivization of energy systems.
  • Offshore wind development Technical feasibility studies uncovering potential offshore wind sites and the spatial planning of these.
  • Energy efficiency Technical know-how regarding energy efficiency in buildings and industries as well as benchmarking, mapping and socio-economic analyses.

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