Malta turns hazardous waste to energy

The Maltese government is constructing an energy efficient waste-to-energy plant, designed to process a significant portion of the country’s hazardous waste. Population growth, tourism and increased consumption has caused the level of hazardous waste produced in Malta to reach 11,000 tonnes per annum. The new facility is expected to have an annual capacity of 5000 tonnes, incinerating the waste to generate energy. This will reduce the amount of hazardous waste requiring controlled disposal, and reduce the risks to people and the environment. The main driver for the project is sustainability, processing the hazardous waste with 'fit for purpose' technology, as well as utilising the latent energy source for local demand.

Government owned waste management agency Wasteserv Malta Ltd has selected COWI to provide client consultancy services on the project, from early study phases to project execution.




Wasteserv Malta Ltd


  • Review of existing operations and regulatory requirements
  • Waste characterisation of wastes currently handled at the MTTF
  • Options Analysis and Feasibility Study
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Land use requirements of alternative technologies, and an Alternative Site Assessment
  • Basic Design, Technical Specifications and Cost Estimates
  • Environmental and Building Permits
  • Procurement, Project Implementation Plans, Evaluation and Project Assessment
  • Consultation and supervision during Detailed Design, Construction and Commissioning Works
  • Consultation and supervision during the Operations Monitoring Period

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