Port expansion to improve goods handling

The Port of Frederikshavn has launched a large-scale expansion project to develop business opportunities for the port and the many businesses in it. The expansion will improve goods handling and make room for larger ships and servicing of offshore installations in the North Sea.

The development plans for the port include five new zones to be built in several stages with outer moles, deeper water in the harbour basins and channels, and new quay and port areas where the seabed materials from dredging can be reused as filler.

There will also be a completely new 275,000 m² port area for decommissioning offshore installations and ships, including slipways and facilities to move offshore installations ashore.

COWI contributes with its great international experience in planning and project design of ports and marine structures.



2012 - 2019

Port of Frederikshavn


  • Master plan for port expansion
  • Numerical modelling of waves, currents, sediment transport, turbulence etc.
  • Navigation simulations
  • Optimisation of port layout to minimise downtime
  • Geotechnical surveys
  • Initial assessment for establishing wind turbines
  • Project proposal and detailed planning incl. estimates for phases 1 and 2
  • EIA reports
  • Full Natura 2000 impact analysis
  • Regulatory processing including planning issues, EIA and construction permits
  • Assistance with the port’s choice of procurement strategy and tendering procedure
  • Assistance with future LNG terminal
  • Procurement of 1st stage of port expansion as a negotiated turnkey contract – including two rounds of negotiation and evaluation of tenders
  • Client consultancy in the construction phase incl. review and inspection of the turnkey contractor’s detailed planning

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