Digital solutions for Danish, Norwegian and Greenland municipalities

COWI has developed the e-Plan product family, which is a set of web-based tools tailored to the production and distribution of digital plans. Using e-Plan makes the plans easily accessible, dynamic and user-friendly.

Among other things, the e-Plan product family allows for customised solutions which combine with GIS to make it easy for users to search for information on specific properties. The systems also contain debate and consultation functions to enable the public to get more involved in e.g. municipal, local, traffic, water supply and other sectoral plans.

Several municipalities have already opted to use the e-Plan product family for sales of land, management information systems and plans for waste and mains water. The e-Plan products can also be used for advanced web-based questionnaire surveys, including analyses of routes into schools to improve road safety around them.

The e-Plan product family includes a WebGIS module, which is open source-based. The WebGIS system supports dynamic maps, search facilities such as ‘Which plans affect me?’ and data editing in customers’ production environment.


Denmark, Norway and Greenland


Around 40 Danish and Greenland municipalities


  • Digital urban area development plans
  • Digital district plans
  • Digital sectoral plans
  • Management information systems
  • Area case handling
  • Prediction systems
  • Plot sales
  • Campaign sites, incl. digital maps
  • SAVE building registration
  • Digital communication
  • Product development
  • Web development
  • Process consultancy
  • WebGIS GC2/Vidi for handling of geo-data
  • Field registration – i.e., use of within traffic safety

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Chief Project Manager
Transport Planning, Denmark

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