Projects in Ukraine

COWI in Ukraine
COWI Projects in Ukraine
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water and wastewater

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Feasibility Study for Zaporizhzhia Wastewater and Sludge Treatment Plant

DSIF, NEFCO and Zaporizhzhia City Council

A feasibility study of WWTP-1 addressing the sludge management aspects, and operational issues relating to effluent quality and stability, and feasibility assessments of a possible transfer of wastewater generated at the Right Bank of Dnipro River to the WWTP-1.

Reconstruction of Ukraine
Municipal Infrastructure Program (UMIP) – TA to the Program Management and Support Unit (PMSU)
EIB, Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine (MRD) and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (MoF) 
MEUR 400 lending agreement between EIB and the Government of Ukraine envisaged financing or co-financing of 15 to 25 investment projects in the sectors of energy, water and solid waste management projects. COWI is providing TA to the Programme Management and Support Unit (PMSU).
Project Chernivtsi in Ukraine
Municipal Water Infrastructure Project Chernivtsi 


Improvement of water supply services in Chernivtsi including development of: Feasibility study; Project Stage “P” designs; Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP); Preliminary design concept on connection of the amalgamated communities along the water main to Chernivtsi; Tender Documents for FIDIC Yellow and/or RED Book contracts; Project Stage “R” designs in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and procedures; Obtaining state expertise approvals; Construction management and supervision.

Solid waste management
Assistance to Ukrainian Authorities in Implementation of the National Waste Management Strategy
Support Oblast administrations in the preparation of Regional Waste Management Plans (RWMPs), consistent with the National Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan (NWMS) and in line with EU legislation and good practices. Assistance in preparation of sustainable projects in line with these plans.

Regional Passenger Services Modernization Project – techno-economic feasibility


Develop affordable and feasible investment projects to improve significantly the level of service of the regional and suburban passenger rail system in the two Pilot Regions through preparation of two feasibility studies.