As engineers and specialists, working on the most innovative and ground-breaking projects is what we do. This is all the more crucial now, when the world needs to come together to make the green transition a reality. If you want to work on some of the most complex and never-before attempted energy projects, then join us for possibly the biggest challenge of your career! Are you up for the challenge?

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Our not-so-easy projects

Our projects are complex, global and high-impact. They require a wide range of competencies, and they are full of exciting challenges. Explore the ways you can challenge yourself at COWI:

the Preem refinery

Replace crude oil with leftovers from fast food kitchens to reduce carbon emissions by up to 1.7 millions ton per year? Challenge accepted!

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Preem green fuels factory in Sweden from drone shot
Wind mill from below in blue skies

equinor Offshore projects

The Norwegian energy major, Equinor, is planning to build a 12-16 GW renewables portfolio by 2030. Supporting its energy transition? Challenge accepted!

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energy island

Building an artificial island in the North Sea that produces enough energy to power ten million households in Europe? Challenge accepted! 

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white wave foam in green sea
Road surounded by autumnal forest from above

Green fuels for denmark

Turning heavy transportation across Denmark green and reducing annual carbon emissions by almost one megatonne? Challenge accepted! 

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We need YOU

Working with us, you will help design and develop the world of tomorrow. Whether you are a high-voltage engineer, marine specialist or structural engineer, you will be a part of shaping a sustainable and livable world.

Get to know what drives some of our colleagues working on projects supporting the green transition. 

  Arne Ivar Tuset Hansen smiling to the camera in check shirt

Arne Ivar Tuset Hansen
Technical Director, Norway

“It is exciting to be a part of the green energy boom in COWI as it is an expanding market with a lot of development in both the scale and geographic location of our projects.”

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woman in an orange scarf next to the sea smiling

Project Manager, Denmark

“I have always been involved in green energy and it's really exciting to work on big, pioneering projects that have a global purpose. Knowing that I'm doing something that makes a positive difference to the future is truly motivating.” 

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man with a grey jacket and glasses smiling lightly to the camera

Somchat Suwan
Structural Lead - Offshore Wind, USA  

We have a great internal system for knowledge sharing and our collective wisdom goes beyond geographies. Here, it doesn’t matter where you sit, it matters how you can collaborate with you colleagues around the world.

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man outside with jacket and glasses

Anders Kristensen Specialist, Denmark

“To me, it is personally very motivating that we get to make the world a more sustainable place for everyone. Thanks to this project, I got to learn about and work on things that, as a hydraulics engineer, I would normally never work with.” 

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Young short haired man smiling while outside

Matthew Viggars
Technical Director, United Kingdom

“The ability to convert ideas into reality is definitely the best part of my job. We are often in a role where striking the right balance between design legislation, guidance, best-practices, and experience is crucial.”

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Brown haired man in blue shirt smiling outside

Daniel Erlingfors
Engineer, Sweden

“What I truly appreciate about working at COWI is the supportive work environment. My department has a strong sense of community, where we collaborate to create a positive workplace and also some really impressive results.”

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Hear COWI’s CEO, Jens Højgaard Christoffersen’s, view on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

By co-creating with our customers, we can develop innovative solutions that could answer the biggest challenges of our time.

-Jens Højgaard Christoffersen, CEO of the COWI Group

Do you want to work with future energy solutions but cannot find a position that suits you here? We are always on the look-out for talents so please register in our talent programme if you want to be notified of future positions.