Meet colleagues who are already on the projects

At COWI, you help design and develop the world of tomorrow. Whether you work with green energy, bridges or urban landscapes, you are part of shaping a sustainable world which is pleasant to live in. With our extended expertise within sustainability, we have a special responsibility to accelerate the green transition, which is also the biggest growth opportunity in COWI history. We would love to see you join!

Arne Ivar Tuset Hansen  

Technical Director in our Wind Energy and Renewables team in Norway 

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“It is exciting to be a part of the green energy boom in COWI as it is an expanding market with a lot of development in both the scale and geographic location of our projects. For example, in offshore wind, we work with some of the largest monopiles in the world and state-of-the-art wind turbines still under development. With tight time frames before offshore installation work is scheduled to start, our team must be agile and forward thinking when it comes to assisting our customers.  

Focused technical developments allow us to be ahead and implement new ways of working. But to do this, we ask our customers to be open-minded and willing to learn with us along the way as the change in scale brings new challenges to the table. At COWI, are aware of how important early risk management is, so understanding the consequence of challenges posed by, e.g. expansion into deeper water and more harsh environments also requires customers to have the same mindset. Equinor is one such customer, which is inspiring for the entire team. 

Personally, it is important that we work in an inclusive work environment, and we do just that in COWI, with a collaborative atmosphere in and across our offices spanning India, Germany, Scandinavia, the UK and the US.  COWI encourages mobility, so we plan short or longer stays across offices to further strengthen the collaborative spirit. A bonus is personal development, not just technical but also cultural.”

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Project Manager in our Buildings team in Denmark

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“The green fuels market has exploded in the last couple of years, which resulted in a lot of exciting new projects in the field. COWI – and Denmark in general – are at the forefront of green energy, which was what attracted me both to the country and to the company. I have always been involved in green energy and it's really exciting to work on big, pioneering projects that have a global purpose. Knowing that I'm doing something that makes a positive difference to the future is truly motivating. 

What I really enjoy about my work is that I get to coordinate between many departments within the same project: architects, construction, roads, marine, process, electrical and more – our collaboration goes across all disciplines. At COWI, one can always find an expert to help with any query.

I'm proud to be a part of COWI because, as a company, we live up to our values of responsibility and sustainability. In day-to-day life, there is a strong focus on people, employee well-being and work/life balance, which is very important for me.”

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Anders Kristensen 

Hydraulics Engineer in our Marine and Foundation Engineering team in Denmark 

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“Working with energy projects in COWI is exciting because of our ambitious and bold green strategy and we get to work on projects of all scales. To me, it is personally very motivating that we get to make the world a more sustainable place for everyone. 

At the same time, there is a professional motivation, because large and complex projects like the Energy Island give us the opportunity to work with different disciplines, in different environments and even in different parts of the world. Thanks to this project, I get to learn about and work on things that, as a hydraulics engineer, I would normally never work with. It's the most complex project that I have ever been a part of. I learn every day and see how my work contributes to the overall project. 

I think COWI is unique because we have a lot of experienced colleagues to learn from – some of them world-leading experts in their fields – coupled with a great mentoring programme, internal mobility opportunities and a steadfast community.” 

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Matthew Viggars

Technical Director, United Kingdom

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“The ability to convert ideas into reality, is definitely the best part of my job. We are often in a role where striking the right balance between design legislation, guidance, best-practices, and experience is crucial. 

We get to be part of many varied projects – be it building a new onshore or offshore wind farm, a green energy plant, CCS scheme or similar. What our team does in these projects is to find answers to tricky but important questions, whilst meeting the customers' expectations. 

For instance, how do the materials reach the site safely? How does one prepare the ground in a sustainable way? What is the easiest and most buildable way to open a hillside to access the green wind power? That's what we do, find answers to tricky but important questions, whilst meeting the customers' expectations.

An exciting time to be involved in green energy, with its different facets and the diverse skills that can be harnessed for use in this sector. We need more creative, persistent, and curious engineers to keep this important agenda growing!”

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