the scanner nerd

Morten Hertz Knudsen – Leading laser scanning manager within COWIs Utility, Legal and Surveying department

“Most parents have school photos of their children, but I scan mine every year to have them in 3D"

Meet Morten; a Surveyor and laser scanning specialist from Vejle, and a true ingenørd. Besides looking cool with his VLX, Morten also captures reality with speed and precision by creating high-quality point clouds of buildings, construction sites and technical facilities ready for renovation.

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INGENØRD [enɕəˈnɶɐ̯ˀd]: An honorary title for people who enjoy immersing themselves in professional or personal passions, a trait that can generate a never-ending train of thought or result in constant attempts to discover connections and solve problems – which often leads to heated conversations with other 'ingenørds'. Often, but not necessarily, they have a degree in engineering.