The Lighting Nerd

Martin Holmberg Lighting Designer, Buildings in Oslo.

Martin is proud of what he does: “There are few people with a profession which is mentioned already at the beginning of Genesis, the First Book of Moses. That is in the First Book of Moses 1:3: ‘And there was light!’ I haven’t yet come across a part that says: ‘And there were acoustics!’ or ‘There were water and outlets!’ The waters came a bit later.”

Watch the video below to learn more about the difference between what humans and dogs see and why, in an alternate reality, you could have received FM radio with your eyes instead of light. 

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INGENØRD [enɕəˈnɶɐ̯ˀd]: An honorary title for people who enjoy immersing themselves in professional or personal passions, a trait that can generate a never-ending train of thought or result in constant attempts to discover connections and solve problems – which often leads to heated conversations with other 'ingenørds'. Often, but not necessarily, they have a degree in engineering.