the railway nerd

Building a sustainable and liveable world is complex. INGENØRDS get this better than anyone, and sometimes even your loved ones can struggle to understand what it is you actually do at work. 

Emil Blach is an expert in planning big railway projects in Denmark and abroad. His job is to ensure everything fits together seamlessly and that our railway system is safe and efficient. 

According to Emil's father, Henrik Blach, Emil has been obsessed with trains since he was a child. But even though Henrik has followed Emil's interest for decades and knows about many of his projects, some of the finer details of Emil's works escapes him.  

We asked Henrik to explain some railway terms like 'fouling point', 'TSI' and 'UIC60 Dmp'. And believe us, that's not easy – just watch!

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INGENØRD [enɕəˈnɶɐ̯ˀd]: An honorary title for people who enjoy immersing themselves in professional or personal passions, a trait that can generate a never-ending train of thought or result in constant attempts to discover connections and solve problems – which often leads to heated conversations with other 'ingenørds'. Often, but not necessarily, they have a degree in engineering.