Carbon capture utilisation & storage (CCUS)

Carbon capture utilisation & storage (CCUS) is increasingly recognised as a globally important emission reduction technology. Whilst many sectors can effectively decarbonise by switching to lower carbon energy sources or production methods, CCUS provides a means to rapidly decarbonise sectors where these measures are not possible or effective – for example the cement, chemical and waste-to-energy sectors.

CCUS also provides a means to reduce emissions from embedded fossil fuel energy generation, thus supporting the green transition. When applied to sustainable biomass energy generation, the capture of CO₂ (BECCS) can even result in emissions savings.

Our consultancy services within CCUS cover all project phases. From assessing the market and technology options to integrating CCUS in wider energy and industrial development plans, and further to the feasibility, design development and implementation of installations.

We work internationally with private customers as well as governments and policymakers, using our experience from the industry and oil & gas sectors to support the CO₂ transport, storage and use aspects that are critical to overall project feasibility.

Carbon capture illustration


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