EU Taxonomy

The EU Taxonomy for sustainable finance establishes the criteria for which activities contribute substantially to the green transition, mainly based on their design and performance. To be recognised as such, an activity must also demonstrate that it does no significant harm to the environment, the climate and internationally accepted social safeguards. 

Our journey with the EU Taxonomy began in 2017 when the European Commission appointed COWI as its advisor on the Taxonomy framework to help define the technical screening criteria for economic activities.  

Today, COWI is a well-reputed provider of technical assistance to a wide range of Danish and international customers, helping them to meet their obligations under the EU Taxonomy, including investors, developers and authorities. We offer customers access to three key groups of experts: 

  • technology specialists in all the areas of the EU Taxonomy – buildings, transport, renewable energy etc. 
  • environmental, climate and social specialists with up-to-date knowledge of all the 'do no significant harm' (DNSH) and 'minimum safeguards' (MS) requirements 
  • EU Taxonomy specialists with the tools for assessing qualification and reporting. 
COWI provides the following EU Taxonomy-related services:  
  • Advice on how organisations can use the EU Taxonomy strategically and integrate it into their activities 
  • Analysis of whether an organisation's activities qualify as sustainable in accordance with the EU Taxonomy
  • Screening of individual investments and assets to assess if they qualify under the EU Taxonomy, resulting in an action plan to close any gaps to ensure Taxonomy alignment
  • Building capacity within organisations for their use of the EU Taxonomy in everyday decision-making, e.g., tools that make the Taxonomy user-friendly for specific sectors and activities 
  • Support to financial institutions in designing and establishing funds that are fully EU Taxonomy-aligned based on individual investments  
  • Integration of EU Taxonomy alignment into project design and monitoring performance to document compliance, making projects ready for investment 
  • Reporting of the Taxonomy alignment of activities and investments in compliance with the EU financial regulations. 

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